The time is ripe for canning

By Jenny Turknett, Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionSeptember 5, 2012 

ATLANTA -- "I don't want to kill anyone after I give them a jar of something."

That is a fear held by many new to canning and one expressed by Karen Geney, who set aside her concerns after taking canning classes. Geney recalls her mother canning vegetables, but the Glenwood Park, Ga., resident never learned food preservation techniques herself until she adopted an 8-by-8-foot plot in her neighborhood's community garden.

"The delight you feel when things start growing quickly turns to horror when you realize what a short shelf life they have," she said.

It's that time of year when our gardens yield summer's bounty that can be enjoyed through winter if properly preserved. Many of us have childhood memories of our mothers and grandmothers investing days into putting up the garden's spoils for the winter.

Many first-timers are intimidated by the process. In addition to her fear of food-borne illness, Geney's hesitation stemmed from unpleasant recollections of her mom canning in a "kitchen full of steam and hot water," she said. "I remember it taking all day and half the night."

David DiCorpo, culinary instructor, compared the process to baking. "If you follow the steps, chances are good it will work," she said.

He insists that there are few canning failures. If the jar doesn't seal, put it in the refrigerator and enjoy it over the next week.

"The worst that can happen is that your jam doesn't set," he said. "Take off the label. Your raspberry jam is now raspberry syrup. No one will know it was for toast. Tell them it's for ice cream." If you're still hesitant, you might find safety in numbers. Invite a few friends over for a canning party.

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