U.N. invasion coming

August 29, 2012 

While many people are saying we need gun bans and gun control because of the recent rash of gun violence, I say people are being led to believe the wrong things.

The Second Amendment was installed as a constitutional right so we would be able to defend our freedoms and liberties from tyranny and despotism.

We shouldn't have United Nations treaties telling americans to get rid of guns, and we should never yield our right to defend ourselves because of lunatics or even "false flag operations."

If we ever did give up all our gun rights, the U.N. and its military forces would invade America so quick and take over, that any of us who are patriots if caught would be sent to re-education camps, where it has been a planned conspiracy for more than 30 years to kill 25 million patriots.

We need to tell our politicians to stop following the U.N. and to give us fewer gun laws at the same time. Ten years ago, I said Alaska should buy every citizen a rifle, a sidearm and ammunition in preparedness of an invasion. Then I conclude if there are dumb people that will kill each other, at least the rest of us can shoot back. God bless the Constitution.


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