Demotivation Derby

August 23, 2012 

Our recent outsourcing of printing to Yakima meant the earlier deadlines we were working under became much firmer.

And much more annoying.

It's not that there ever would have been a good time to learn that 40 colleagues were losing their jobs, but to work out the kinks of the new system during fair week has been irritating. I'm a little fussy from the stress of wrapping up this year's football preview photos (more on that next week) and rotating from weekends to nights, which means fair week is also wraps up the 10-day-in-a-row stint cycle through every three months.

So if you don't like my whiny BtF posts...well, you probably stopped reading long ago since that's about 90 percent of them.

Why is this week extra chapping to my Behind the Fold? Well, fair week means late assignments every day for the night photographer. Monday was the annual demolition derby, which was a perfect example of how this new system still has some bumps to work out.

Since we've never had to file photos from the fair before, so I wasn't sure how good of a wireless signal I'd get, and we weren't sure exactly how late the derby would go, we were reticent to bank on having a demolition derby photo as our main front.

I went scuttling about, snapping the usual types of frames:

And of course I had some fun with ye olde Hipstamatic:

John Trumbo's story about fair volunteers was also going out front and Bob Brawdy's shot of some sheep barn set up would be the big photo, and I sent this shot of flag man Dick Hemore waving the checkered flag for Ray Vanderpool of Kennewick as Vanderpool won the trophy dash in a 1989 Buick Sentry during a lull in the action:

When I was able to cover the smash-em-up til the end, I called in to say I had some decent stuff, but it was too late to rearrange the page. I ended up sending this shot of Harley Dennis, right, congratulating George Robinson, both of Burbank, after Robinson won his first ever demolition derby:

Before this change, we probably would have just banked on having demolition derby as the main photo when there was no question about whether we would be able to meet deadline. Now, it was too late to replace a fine, but standard, setup photo with a fine, but standard, demolition derby photo:

No offense to Bob's setup photo, but smashed and smoking hoopties makes for a much more attention-grabbing-above-the-fold photo. Unfortunately, this is the new reality for the night shift — something I get to dive into for the next few weeks. I'm sure we'll adapt like every time our skeleton crew gets its bones shaved, and soon we'll forget what it was like to have that extra hour.

I'm almost as certain that's when the next big change will be.

Until then, our next challenge is changing our high school football coverage. I'm also sure there will be plenty to whine about then too.

For more of my fair and rodeo photos:

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Just for fun...

Here's some great old timey photos that purport to show you how insane the world used to be. I'd have to agree. Thanks to Craig Craker for that.

Amazon has a new backup system called Glacier for floating your memories to the cloud. Here's a little article analyzing just how cheap its one-cent-per-gig-per-month really is.

David Zentz Photography shared a list of handy sites for helping you report and maybe recover stolen gear. Find his post on Aug. 21 to find it. I can't figure out where the Facebook permalink thingee went.

And here's a great example of how holding onto your copyright can really pay off.

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