Mid-Columbia births for Sun, Aug 19, 2012

August 19, 2012 

Kennewick General Hospital

DIEGO -- Nicole and Jose, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 8.

MOEHNERT -- Brittani and Nicho-las Crawford, Pasco, girl, Aug. 9.

AGUILAR -- Elizalda and Justo Contreras Negrete, Pasco, girl, Aug. 12.

HEADLEY -- Kelly and Dan, La Grande, girl, Aug. 11.

PEREZ -- Diana and Joe Robles, Pasco, boy, Aug. 5.

FARFAN UBAY -- Josefina and Misael Arenas, Basin City, girl, Aug. 11.

TORRES -- Jazmin and Anthony Ramirez, West Richland, boy, Aug. 10.

MILLER -- Deana and Timothy, Pasco, girl, Aug. 13.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

SPARKS -- Mikayla and Austin Warrick, Irrigon, boy, Aug. 9.

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

AGUILAR -- Rosa and Adrian Abarca Guzman, Pasco, boy, Aug. 8.

FUENTES -- Belen and Andrew, Richland, girl, Aug. 9.

GONZALEZ -- Roannie and Benjamin, Richland, girl, Aug. 10.

MARADIAGA -- Gabriela and Crisanto, Grandview, boy, Aug. 11.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

HUTCHISON -- Jasmine, Pasco, girl, Aug. 9.

CASTILLO -- Melissa and Ruben, Richland, boy, Aug. 9.

STEWART -- Ashley and Allen, West Richland, girl, Aug. 9.

VELASCO -- Doria, Hermiston, girl, Aug. 9.

GARCIA -- Victoria and Rene Solorio, Pasco, girl, Aug. 10.

PARIS -- Ashlee and Ernie Gaskill, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 10.

RIVERA -- Laurie and Pavel Dragonchuk, Kennewick, boy, Aug. 10.

BUCK -- Nicole and Michael, Prosser, girl, Aug. 10.

HERNANDEZ -- Cori and Rogelio, Pasco, boy, Aug. 10.

HURST -- Catharine and Joshua, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 11.

MICKLE -- Nicole and Dan, West Richland, boy, Aug. 11.

MINNEY -- Karissa and Alberto Medina, Richland, boy, Aug. 12.

MONTES -- Karen and Juan Nino, Kennewick, girl, Aug. 12.

KEATON -- Keena and Dustin Peale, Richland, boy, Aug. 12.

GUTIERREZ -- Ana and Carlos Balderas, Basin City, boy, Aug. 12.

ANICETO -- Maria and Victor Sitio, Mattawa, girl, Aug. 12.

LANGLOIS-JOLLEY -- Patience and Devon Jolley, Richland, girl, Aug. 12.

COTA -- Carla, Pasco, boy, Aug. 12.

RANDLE -- Orkesia and Tyray, Pendleton, Ore., girl, Aug. 12.

TAVARES -- Jessica and Jeremy Perez, Pasco, girl, Aug. 13.

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