How to save on your grocery list items

Special to the Tri-City HeraldAugust 16, 2012 

You have a shopping list and a small budget, now save when buying all those thing by using the following tips.

When you don't have time to check out which store has the best sale, you're typically better off to shop at either WinCo or Walmart for best overall prices.

Here are the steps I recommend to find coupons that match your grocery list:

* Search your already-cut coupons

* Search the reliable printable coupon database like

* Lastly, if you have a particular item in mind and do not see a coupon, Google it. Make sure you only print from a reliable source, such as the manufacturer, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Tips to keep in mind while shopping:

Compare the brand name item you have a coupon for to the store brand. If the store brand is cheaper than the name brand (minus the coupon) then consider purchasing the store brand instead. Don't forget to make sure the size is equal when comparing.

For each item you put in your cart (that you planned on using a coupon for) take out your coupon and make sure the item is the correct brand, quantity and size. The last thing you want to do is go up the register and find out you can't use the coupon because of exclusions. Place the soon-to-be-used coupons in a separate pile so you know that they're ready to go once you're ready to check out.

Keep track of your total. (Cell phone calculator in hand: item price minus coupon + each item until complete) This running total will show you how much you are going to spend at the register, so if you are not within your budget, re-consider some of your items.

Don't veer off the road. Don't purchase items you didn't plan on purchasing. (Unless of course you forgot to put it on your list, and you really do need it now!) Those fun end-caps will get you if you don't watch out!

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