July 22, 2012 

The following students graduated from the University of Washington.

Kennewick -- Sergey O. Alekhnovich, BS in electrical engineering and BS in computer engineering; Lucas D. Anderson, BA (communication: journalism); Shayn C. Brock, BA (political science: political economy); Adam B. Cabrey, BS (earth and space sciences); Jordan E. En'Wezoh,BA (communication); Shannon M. Ferns, BA (art history); Heidi S. Garfield, BA (biochemistry); Alexandra P. Kanoelehua, BS in mechanical engineering; Chelsea R. M. Greenslitt, BA in business administration (accounting); John D. Grenard, BS in electrical engineering; Alexandra A. Jackson, BA (comparative literature: cinema studies); Michael S. Kersey, BA (near Eastern studies: culture and civilization); Paul M. Kohan, BS in computer engineering; Andrea M. Martinez, BA (social welfare); Jeremy M. May, BS in chemical engineering; Sebastian Mcvey Miller, BA (political science); Benjamin T. Minh Nguyen, BS in electrical engineering and BS in computer engineering; Thuy T. Nguyen, BA (anthropology: medical anthropology, global health); Mathew Charles Perkins, BA in business administration (finance); Samantha E. Ray, BA (art history; anthropology); Veronica A. Rodriguez, BA (sociology); Jeremy J. Salinas, BS (earth and space sciences: environmental); Evan D. Swope, BA fine arts (digital arts and experimental media); Evan D. Swope, BA (communication); Anh-Vu Thai, BS in chemical engineering; Olivia X. Thai, BA (sociology); Qing Ya Zhen, BS (biochemistry).

Pasco -- Johnny H. Barragan, BA (history); Victor M. Esquivel, BS (applied and computational math sciences); Heather M. Felmy, BS (chemistry); Amanda E. Hansen, BS (speech and hearing sciences: communication disorders); Maryjo Hinojosa, BA (ethnic, gender, and labor studies); Jorden R. Merry, BA (sociology); Sean A. Michael, BS (physics); Dimitri J. Miles, BA in business administration (finance); Stefanie P. Nunez, BA (political science); Nicholas R. Smiley, BS (biochemistry); Remi A. Torres, BA (early childhood and family studies); Dallas E. Williams, BS (neurobiology).

Prosser -- Christine Y. Bentley, BA clinical health services; Ezekiel C. Gomez, BS (mathematics); Anthony S. Kim, BS (biology: general); Diana C. Smith, BA in business administration (accounting).

Richland -- Mathew N. Adelmund, BA (mathematics); Emily M. Autrey, BA of music (voice); David S. Bergsman, BS in chemical engineering; Zachary G. Buchanan, BS in electrical engineering; Daniel Chiang, BS in bioengineering; Sean A. Cook, BA (political science); Laura L. Cross, BS in civil engineering; Claire E. Dann, BA (art history); Liem H. Dinh, BS in computer engineering; Erik J. Fisher, BA in bus admin (inform systems; accounting); Warren R. Fogg, BS in materials science and engineering; Stephen P. Geluso, BS in computer engineering; Malin E. Hamblin, BA (law, societies, and justice); Joseph A. Newell Heffernan, BA (comparative history of ideas); Cory S. Henderson, BS in civil engineering; Peter K. Kay, BA (japanese); Lance M. Kindle, BS in bioengineering; Jessica A. Klein, BS (microbiology); Jessica F. Knollmeyer, BA (communication); Corey M. Krzan, BA (Eastern European language, literature culture; French); Shalini Kumar BA (anthropology: medical anthropology, global health); Rachel T. Lowy , BS (speech & hearing sciences); Sen Lu, bachelor of music (string instruments); Sen Lu, BS in bioengineering; Patricia E. Marr, BA (communication); Kara K. Ozkardesh, BS (biology: ecology, evolution, conservation); Vy T. Pham, BS (chemistry: acs certified); Blake A. Piepho, BS in mechanical engineering; Trent A. Piepho, BS (computer science); John M. Sampson, BA (architectural studies); Thomas E. Sanford, BS (mathematics); Catherine A. Schweppe, BS (biology: general; psychology); Kelsey M. Smith, BA (communication); Robert W. Stamper, BS (earth and space sciences: environmental); Sara Yang, BS (neurobiology).

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