Navigator can turn vacation upside down

Tri-City HeraldJuly 5, 2012 

When it comes to traveling on a vacation, there are two groups of people -- those who know where they’re going and those who don’t.

The advantage to being in the latter bunch is you end up in Outer Mongolia where you can buy worthless tourist gifts for your friends.

When we travel, I’m the navigator. That means I sit in the front passenger seat.

However, we know one married couple who have an odd seating arrangement. The wife occupies the back seat and their oversized dog commands the front view. It’s a compatible relationship. The wife doesn’t drool on her husband’s shoulder, and the dog won’t tell the husband what to do. With this arrangement, they manage to get to the right destination.

Traditionally, though, the person in the navigator seat -- that would be me -- is expected to hold a map -- right side up.

Did you know that if you read Wenatchee upside down it says eehctanew? I know that sounds a lot like something in the Far East -- which is the way we turned once on a vacation. That would explain why we were seven hours in the car and only as far as Spokane. Travelers who know where they’re going can make it to that city in less than three.

If you don’t know exactly where Spokane is, you can look at a map. It’s enakops and a good place to buy worthless tourist gifts.

As it turned out, once we found our way out of enakops, we headed north -- which I thought was south. So, at the end of an excruciatingly long day, we ended up in Canada. Or adanac.

Since my husband and I weren’t speaking by this time -- the know-it-all knew we weren’t in adanac -- I had plenty of time to look out the car window. 'No Vacancy' signs appeared at every campsite. Evidently, people who had their dog in the front seat had arrived at the campgrounds first.

Fortunately, there was a bed and breakfast nearby with rooms available -- probably dogs couldn’t stay there -- so we called it a day in a town called noslen. As I remember, they had cheap tourist gifts, too.

That vacation was a few years back.

Now, we’re ready to head out on another camping trip. Our destination is adanac. Maybe this time, it would be best if I drive.

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