Kennewick spends $500 on 2nd golf course in 1925

July 4, 2012 

The first settlers who came to the Mid-Columbia may not have been thinking, "This is a great place to golf," but it didn't take long for their kids to get the urge to knock the little ball around the sagebrush.

This tells us something of the history of the game in the Tri-Cities... and that crossword puzzles used to be a lot harder than they are now.

Kennewick OKs $500 golf course

By The Kennewick Courier-Reporter Published on February 26, 1925

Given a people loco on the game, and the location of a golf links leads to no litigiousness among them. They just take the land as it lies, levigate it with the largess of their love, and laugh at those who lose their lutescent lucre on million-dollar links.

So, when it is said that Kennewick, Wash., is going to build a golf course at a cost of $500, that goes. It goes for a people who love the game, who have the location, sans price, and who are taking their golf as she lies and smoothing out a course with their own hands.

Recently in these columns the editorial brow elevates at the apparently innocent statement of the Times' Kennewick correspondent, Mrs. E.O. Keene, that Kennewick was going to build a 'closer-in' course at a cost of $500."

Mrs. Keene wrote again.

She said that $500 "was correct." She explained that "our present nine-hole course (which will be duplicated on the proposed "closer-in" course,) is sans grass, sans trees, sans water hazards."

Apparently, everything except sans sand.

And just lots of that, with the fairways marked by the plucked sagebrush.

But, lots of fun for everybody.

The sight which Kennewick saw when the "outer," or original course was built will be duplicated when the new one is constructed. It will see professional men, merchants, everybody "working like navvies," to quote our correspondent, shaping -- or levigating, as our best cross-worders would have it -- the land for play.

All the manual labor is gratuitously given, of course. Which leads to the question: "Why the $500?"

Maybe that'll be the cost of the fence.

So, hereafter, we'll never even utter a lampoonette when someone claims he built a golf course for a nickel. We've joined the lamellibranchiata family.

The subject is hereby passed, leaving Kennewick to leveling its new links and the cross-worders out on a limb trying to lamp that "lamellibranchiata."

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