Mid-Columbia police records for Sun, Jul 1, 2012

July 1, 2012 

Franklin County Judgements

Dodeka LLC was awarded $3,335 from Kimberly J. Farias.

Washington Employment Security Department was awarded:

-- $1,740 from Arnoldo J. Leos.

-- $2,072 from Adriana Macias.

Washington Department of Revenue was awarded:

-- $7,498 from Flamingo Retail LLC.

Portfolio Recovery Associates was awarded $1,647 from Rita R. Riests.

Citibank was awarded:

-- $7,061 from Daniel A. Campos.

-- $9,356 from Marshall O. Almarode.

-- $3,266 from Melinda R. Henckel.

Citibank South Dakota was awarded $6,461 from Huy Le Duc Pham.

Springleaf Financial Services was awarded $7,713 from Kristin S. Eby.

Washington Department of Labor and Industries was awarded:

-- $4,815 from Francisco Cruz Ibanez and Olga Maria Ibanez.

-- $3,741 from Sheryl Ann Dudley and James Bruce Dudley.

-- $4,355 from Riverfront Builders Inc.

-- $10,748 from Valad Ray Mothersbaugh.

Washington Department of Revenue was awarded $14,657 from Frontier Trading LLC.

Capital One Bank was awarded $2,798 from David W. Corkrum.

Discover Bank was awarded $1,889 from Manuel Jimenez.

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