A look at the Fever-Wild game by the numbers

June 29, 2012 

Here is the Wichita Wild vs. Tri-Cities Fever matchup by the numbers:

2,720 — Yards passing for Fever quarterback Houston Lillard, ranked fourth in the IFL.

1,963 — Number of total yards Wichita’s Tywon Hubbard had this season, tops in the IFL.

1,475 — Number of total yards Tri-Cities’ Dennis Kennedy had this season, third in the IFL.

1,031 — Number of kick return yards this season for Wild’s Hubbard.

862 — Reception yards for Wild receiver Tim Simmons, ranked fifth.

638 — Yards rushing for Wild running back Tywon Hubbard, ranked fifth.

112.5 — Final QB rating for Lillard, ranked third.

103 — Number of tackles by Wild’s Darvin Peterson, ranked fifth.

87 — Percent of extra-point attempts made, 13-for-15, for fever kicker Brady Beeson. That ranks fifth.

84 — Number of catches by Fever receiver Steven Whitehead, tied for first in the league.

83 — Number of catches for Wild’s Simmons, ranked third.

73.5 — Reception yards per game for Fever receiver Tre Young, ranked fourth in the league.

62 — Yards, as in longest field goal made by Wild kicker James Chandler this season.

59 — TD passes for Lillard, ranked third.

53.6 — Point per game the Fever averaged this season. That ranks No. 4.

48.6 — Points per game the Wild surrendered. That ranks ninth.

47 — Point per game the Wild averaged this season. That ranks ninth.

44.2 — Points per game the Fever surrendered. That ranks sixth.

29.5 — Number of sacks the Wild had, ranked second.

28 — Times Kennedy found the end zone this season. That ranks No. 3.

24 — Number of sacks the Fveer had, ranked fourth.

18 — Field goals made by Wild kicker Chandler, fifth in the league.

15 — Number of sacks by Wild DL Matt Moss, ranked No. 1.

14 — The number of fumbles the Wild forced, best in the IFL.

11 — Number of interceptions by Fever DB Lionell Singleton, ranked second.

9.5 — Number of sacks by Fever DL Jake Killeen, ranked third.

4 — Number of forced fumbles by Wild’s Moss, ranked second.

3 — Number of picks returned for touchdowns by Wild DB Kendrick Harper, ranked No. 1.

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