Baby boomers may drive their children to drastic action

Tri-City HeraldJune 27, 2012 

Baby boomers are having fun, fun, fun cruising through life.

Their world has not only been their oyster, but also a T-Bird or Woodie —and maybe now, a shiny BMW.

Whether wide open spaces or Main Street, this generation born between 1946 and 1964 has had the green light to go anywhere their car keys can take them. But it seems that someone may be about to put the brakes on freedom.

(SCREECH!!! What’s that you say?)

Yes, it’s true. Boomers reaching adulthood — aka senior citizens — are being viewed with suspicion. The concern is coming head-on from "boomlets" — those now-grown kids who once had skid tracks in their diapers — who fear our driving skills, among other things, have gotten rusty.

(It’s not my eyes, it’s that dirty windshield!)

With 72 million boomers around — more or less — their adult children are sucking air as this tsunami floods the streets and highways with aging drivers. Many of these graying Americans still plan to travel in their golden years, whether it’s across the country or to the mall, most preferably with "oldies" music blaring.

(Excuse me while I turn up the volume on The Beach Boys song.)

Boomer offspring have heard their folks’ complaints about aching joints, a bad back and bunions. But more worrisome has been watching a parent grope for words or pause to remember where they’re headed — and why. When viewed from the car passenger seat this can be particularly unsettling.

(Remind me where I was going with this thought.)

So, the day will come when boomers' kids will try to wrench the steering wheel out of mom and dad's hands, offering to drive instead.

Nevertheless, this is only a signpost warning of danger ahead. Inevitably, a son or daughter will be asking to take the car keys permanently.

(Now where did I put those darn things?)

However, before that happens, this boomer plans to have — as The Beach Boys would sing — “fun, fun, fun 'til her daddy (or the kids) take her T-Bird away."

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