Report concerns

June 26, 2012 

Calling all concerned adults. Summer is here, which means children are out of school and out of the safety net of school professionals who try to keep them safe. Children who live in abusive homes are spending more time in these unsafe environments and will be less in touch with concerned adults. Please remember that as adults, it is our duty to protect all children. Please be sure you report any suspicions you have of child abuse (including sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect) to Child Protective Services (CPS) and/or law enforcement.

If you notice something that doesn't seem right, it's safer to report it than ignore it. It does not matter if your suspicions are accurate or not. A report will simply notify authorities who will then investigate further if necessary. Note that it isn't your job to investigate, but to simply report your concerns or observations. Important local reporting numbers: CPS at 737-2800, Benton County nonemergency dispatch at 628-0333, Franklin County nonemergency dispatch at 545-3510. For information on signs of abuse or concerns about a child, you can also contact the Support, Advocacy & Resource Center at 374-5391 for guidance and support.

Sondra Dixon, Kennewick

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