Mid-Columbia bankruptcies for Sat, Jun 23, 2012

June 23, 2012 

U. S. Bankruptcy Court, Spokane


Allen D. Dahl, 932 W. Jan St., Pasco; debts $202,166; assets $9,925.

Maria Consuelo Elizondo, 412 S. Washington, Kennewick; debts $169,689; assets $18,095.

James M. Johnson and Melody J. Gray-Johnson, 1397 W. Rees Ave., Walla Walla; debts $68,749; assets $99,946.

Justin D. Shrecengost and Joni Shrecengost, 61 Cross Road, Pasco; debts $25,880; assets $16,915.

Chris A. Heckman and Stacey A. Beebe-Heckman, 1011 N. Cleveland St., Kennewick; debts $48,699; assets $17,413.

Nicholas David Moreno, 308 S. Reed St., Kennewick; debts $42,876; assets $8,131.

Jesus Olascon and Priscilla Grace Olascon, 647 S. Andres Road, Othello; debts $73,567; assets $41,891.

Matthew J. Blaine and Alishia R. Blaine, 104 Alma Ave., Benton City; debts $295,610; assets $292,000.

Victoria A. Hyatt, 3208 W. Wernett Road, Pasco; debts $185,716; assets $146,645.

Jennifer Teas, 915 Hoxie, Richland; statement not listed.

Gabriel Arroyo Flores and Erika Flores, 2511 E. Butte Court, Pasco; statement not listed.

Jennelle Maureen Dudley, 35803 Rayhill Road, Benton City; debts $427,205; assets $41,711.

Lorena Garanzuay and Joseph Konging, 1006 School St., Walla Walla; debts $24,767; assets $16,660.

Marianda Suzanne Thomas, 6403 Desert View Drive, West Richland; debts $53,571; assets $2,332.

Christopher R. Parsons and Tina M. Parsons, 1125 S.E. Moorbrook Court, College Place; debts $268,545; assets $219,652.

Kris R. Silva-Brendel, 822 S.E. Marine Drive, College Place; debts $26,683; assets $15,510.

Amory E. Price and Sandrsa D. Price, 66 Hummingbird Place, Walla Walla; debts $211,348; assets $82,697.

Melanie S. Harper, 4407 W. 24th Ave., Kennewick; debts $44,546; assets $5,336.

Brian Lee Steinwand and Deanna Lynne Steinwand, 7701 W. Fourth Ave., Kennewick; debts $27,649; assets $91,785.

Leslie A. Koontz, 7404 W. Argent, Pasco; statement not listed.

Christal Torres, 2514 Jason Loop, Richland; debts $229,678; assets $228,982.

Brandon T. Strickland, 1514 W. Fourth Ave., Kennewick; debts $27,860; assets $2,786.

Trudy A. O'Quinn, P. O. Box 4086, Pasco; debts $171,054; assets $85,060.


Conrad Paul Suhandolnik, 2013 S. Reed St., Kennewick; debts $80,183; assets $24,130.

Robert Dean Clark, 1547 Ridgeview Ct., Richland; debts $193,433; assets $206,630.

Doug R. Greenway and Rebecca L. Maser, 6855 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick; debts $352,111; assets $32,849.

Jeremy Dale Selch and Tessa Marion Selch, 401 W. 37th Ave., Kennewick; debts $241,813; assets $210,823.

Todd S. Nevard, 6838 W. Second Ave., Kennewick; debts $197,103; assets $27,625.

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