Mid-Columbia bankruptcies for Sun, Jun 17, 2012

June 17, 2012 

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Spokane


Joseph Daniel and Lisa Daniel, 342 S. Zillah, Kennewick; debts $169,084; assets $12,670.

Thomas G. Hassing, 189504 Day St., Paterson; debts $54,649; assets $49,197.

Ma G. Alcaraz-Gutierrez, 925 N. Elm, Pasco; debts $23,663; assets $7,026.

Leeland Dean Lewis, 1040 S. Shady Lane, Othello; debts $132,880; assets $102,095.

Petr S. Tverdokhleb and Darya V. Fisenko, 1305 McPherson Ave., Richland; debts $195,308; assets $155,732.

Armando Reyes, 31 Atom Drive, Pasco; debts $31,990; assets $2,550.

Tomas Vazquez, 631 Wagon Road, Othello; debts $127,687; assets $96,300.

Rodrigo Reyes and Teresa A. Reyes, 823 W. Marie St., Pasco; debts $50,046; assets $8,486.

Jose H. Covarrubias and Maria C. Covarrubias, 712 N. Seventh Ave., Walla Walla; debts $115,334; assets $92,939.

Angela Marie Wolford, 509 S. Wilber Ave., Walla Walla; debts $25,317; assets $510.

Douglas Wayne Osborn, 85 Fair Acres Lane, Walla Walla and Tammy Lee Osborn, 42 Southfork Russell Creek Road, Walla Walla; debts $156,644; assets $75,003.

Alfredo Cardenas and Maria Cardenas, 1113 E. Fourth Ave., Kennewick; debts $99,730; assets $33,000.

Maria Olivia Mendoza, 2502 S. Kellogg St., Kennewick; debts $551,144; assets $339,770.

Michael Murray Smith, 900 Aaron Drive, Richland; debts $17,640; assets $16,028.

William Allen Somers, 3613 W. Ninth Ave., Kennewick; debts $79,960; assets $5,120.

Sabrina M. Collins, 2200 W. Shoshone St., Pasco; debts $9,329; assets $700.

Agustin Jimenez, 3730 Grant Loop, West Richland; debts $126,561; assets $109,283.

Robert Aguilar, 910 W. Marie, Pasco and Maria Elena Aguilar, 1716 W. Marie St., Pasco; debts $130,423; assets $130,022.

Salvador Nunez and Maria Nunez, 6108 Westminster Lane, Pasco; debts $158,995; assets $15,150.

James O. Rohman, 1000 Alexander Court, Prosser and DaleAnn Rohman, 128301 W. 215 PRNW, Prosser; debts $52,757; assets $17,503.

Michael James Horn, 9202 W. Gage Blvd., Kennewick; debts $247,817; assets $240,844.

Sonia Mendez, 908 S. Fourth Lane, Pasco; debts $140,423; assets $97,825.


Joseph Daniel Miller, 109 Thayer Drive, Richland; debts $69,574; assets $66,071.

Larry Sandberg and Merrilee Hays-Sandberg, 72311 E. 260 PR NE, Richland; debts $826,256; assets $1,051,153.

Cristiano Fernandez, 1908 W. Hatton Road, Othello; debts not listed.

Daniel Tucker, 5304 Koufax Lane, Pasco; debts not listed.

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