Thumbs up, thumbs down

June 11, 2012 

Go Rockets

Thumbs up to Ellen Ochoa -- the middle school and the astronaut.

Students at the Pasco school were gracious hosts during their namesake's visit last week, providing an ample source of pride for parents, teachers and the community.

Ochoa, the nation's first Hispanic female astronaut, was making her fourth visit to the campus. She's a constant inspiration in word and deed, encouraging students to live up to their school's motto, "Reach for the stars."

Party animals

To those delegates at the state Democratic convention who booed Sen. Jim Kastama of Puyallup for his decision during the Legislature's last session to work with Republicans on a bipartisan budget package.

If Kastama's detractors want to live in an environment where compromise equals disloyalty, they ought to visit the other Washington and see how that's working for Congress.

Don't want to know

Thumbs down to John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, for exploiting her adulterous affair with the former presidential candidate.

We're not suggesting Hunter sew a scarlet letter to her sweater, but we'd be happy to see her memoir, What Really Happened, flop when it's released June 26. Forgiving bad behavior is virtuous; rewarding it is too prevalent these days.

Fear over compassion

Thumbs down to the Pasco City Council for making life even tougher for medical marijuana patients.

Five council members decided to end their yearlong moratorium and amend Pasco's zoning code to say the city won't allow anything that violates local, state or federal law.

That move was made to ban collective gardens, where authorized patients could grow cannabis plants together. The decision was motivated by fears of potential lawsuits, but it also puts cancer patients and others who benefit from the medicinal use of marijuana in an even deeper state of limbo.

We're sympathetic to the plight of cities wrestling with conflicting state and federal laws on marijuana, but reserve our deepest sympathy for those with serious illnesses who find some relief from their suffering by using this medication.

Councilman Bob Hoffmann offered a better alternative, proposing to extend the moratorium on the gardens in the hope that state and federal government would resolve the conflict.

How much?

Thumbs down to liquor retailers for failing to mark their inventory with the full price.

Consumers shouldn't have to bring a calculator to the store to figure out what they'll pay at the checkout counter.

Steep taxes are tagged onto other goods -- most notably cigarettes and gasoline. But as onerous as it is, the $4-plus per gallon price displayed at the pump is what you'll actually pay, and the advertised price for a pack of cigarettes includes the $3 per pack state tax.

That liquor retailers are choosing a different path is an annoyance to consumers with no conceivable benefit.

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