Mid-Columbia bankruptcies for Sat, May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012 

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Spokane


Miguel Alfaro Becerril and Marcela Pedraza Becerril, 1621 George Washignton Way, Richland; debts $38,906; assets $5,070.

Guadalupe Vargas Macias, 2516 Arbutus Court, Pasco; debts $139,395; assets $10,310.

Carmelina Trejo and Juan Saucedo, 920 W. Agate St., Pasco; debts $173,108; assets $103,388.

Angela Depping, 6606 W. 4th Place, Kennewick; debts $29,783; assets $6,562.

Jacklyn Y. Dominguez, 1115 S. 11th Ave., Othello; debts $28,786; assets $10,900.

David C. Chapman and Gwendolyn L. Chapman, 3414 Sylvester St., Pasco; Statement not listed.

Melisa Rashel Kneebone, 1509 S. Yelm St., Kennewick; debts $99,359; assets $10,800.

Richard T. Strickland and Sue E. Strickland, 510 W. Cherry, Walla Walla; debts $106,084; assets $89,880.

Kim L. Cochran, 825 Alexander Court, Prosser; debts $237,397; assets $145,201.

Gary R. Peters and Mary A. Peters, 1804 E. Isaacs, Walla Walla; debts $150,479; assets $75,150.

Debra K. Dinsmore, 1537 Hobson St., Walla Walla; debts $11,601; assets $7,411.

Elizabeth M. Meyer, 4514 S. Everett St., Kennewick; debts $38,385; assets $19,113.

David Vonghalath, 4 N. Tweedt Place, Kennewick; debts $87,104; assets $2,075.

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