What comes after love and marriage?

May 18, 2012 

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes…

“You’re going to wear THAT?”

This line struck a chord as inharmonious as a wrong key during a wedding march.

“Mother’s Day is over,” my husband, Bill, grimaced the other day as I eyed the dated pants he planned to wear. “These will be fine.”

I zipped my lips. Maybe my “mommy” gene was in high gear.

Still, I couldn’t slow my mind as it raced back to another “mommy-ing” memory — a fashion faux pau that still has us laughing.

We were joining friends in Seattle for theater and dinner.

“You should wear a jacket with that,” I advised as we packed for the trip.

Bill assured me he’d be fine.

We arrived to find the restaurant overflowing with prom dates; exquisite dresses matching detailed tuxedos. As we waited in the crowded foyer, Bill stepped aside, his crisp white shirt gleaming in the subdued light, dark tie and black slacks standing in close proximity to a table seated with high school students.

“Excuse me, Sir!” the young man called out as he waved his hand at Bill. “Would you please bring us some more water?”

My mommy-face registered crimson in the candlelight.

Call me overprotective, but experiences like that one have me checking out my man’s wardrobe choices before he leaves the house.

However, it seems I’m not the only woman who occasionally turns into Mom.

According to a survey by fashion website Style Pilot, two-thirds of the full-time employed men they surveyed depend on their wives -- even some mothers-in-law -- for fashion advice.

For the statistics and more surprising facts, visit Daily Mail online.

With this information in mind, maybe the playground rhyme I once chanted with other little girls has changed over time. Today more than one bride may be singing:

"First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes hubby in the baby carriage."

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