Mid-Columbia bankruptcies for Fri, May 11, 2012

May 11, 2012 

-- Because of incorrect information provided to the Herald, this list was published on Page B2 on Monday with debts and assets reversed. Below is the corrected list.

U. S. Bankruptcy Court, Spokane


Jay Allen Wooton and Kelly Leuren Wooton, 819 Main St., Prosser; debts $175,497; assets $109,202.

Randall Richards and Terilyn Denise Berry, 619 N. Tweedt St., Kennewick; debts $125,174; assets $6,750.

Jody M. Middleton and Sarah Middleton, 927 Bosly, Walla Walla; debts $282,336; assets $266,479.

Maria Guizar, 2202 W. Fourth Ave., Kennewick; debts $262,419; assets $2,000.

Marco Vazquez and Cynthia Vazquez, 5503 Holly Way, Richland; debts $354,788; assets $312,385.

Adrian Gonzalez and Dina D. Gonzalez, 1449 Paterson Road, Prosser; debts $177,584; assets $177,423.

Amador Chavez, 245 E. Hamlet St., Othello; debts $29,001; assets $6,303.

Joseph Vargas, 1108 N. Cleveland, Kennewick; statement not listed.

Brooke M. Schwisow, 4515 Catalonia Drive, Pasco ; debts $89,357; assets $26,950.

Charles E. Marr and Michelle P. Marr, 509 Sumach, Walla Walla; debts $200,786; assets $156,789.

Alberto Leon Merlin and Rosa Maria Merlin, 1716 N. Fifth Ave., Pasco; debts $42,732; assets $6,228.

Antonio Cruz and Lorena Cruz, 408 S. Hugo, Pasco; debts $181,943; assets $120,505.

Alvaro Rodriguez and Genoveva Rodriguez, 1015 Cobblestone Ave., Othello; debts $133,149; assets $127,230.

Ashley R. Elgin, 250 Gage Blvd., Richland; debts $42,033; assets $4,327.

Maricela Mondoza, 2169 W. July St., Othello; debts $11,689; assets $3,800.

Filiberto G. Arrieta, 1548 N. Edison St., Kennewick; debts $15,566; assets $8,920.

Aneique Pasencia and Maria D. Pasencia, 129 S.E. Mountain View Drive, College Place; debts $178,159; assets $168,243.

Ronald Jay Denham and Sandra Joyce Denham, 2208 Concord St., Richland; debts $49,013; assets $9,500.

Vicki Jo Watson, 609 Paine St., Walla Walla; debts $91,851; assets $108,452.


John Henry Paetel and Tonya Jean Paetel, 508 Tuttle Lane, Burbank; debts $501,934; assets $336,273.

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