Herrera triples up on winning rides

Jack Millikin, Herald staff writerApril 23, 2012 

Hugo Herrera may have heard footsteps in the final race on Sunday at Sun Downs race track in Kennewick.

But after a quick break out of the gate in the ninth race aboard Camanche Moon, Herrera didn’t have to look back. The well-traveled, veteran jockey out of Patterson, Calif., guided the 5-year-old sorrel gelding to an easy 10-length win over Clear Blue Sea for his third win of the day.

“(Camanche Moon) is a very strong horse with a long stride,” said Herrera, who still didn’t want to take any chances despite leading start to finish. “There’s always somebody that can catch you.”

Herrera, who also rode two winners Saturday, was the only jockey to record multiple wins on both days of Sun Downs’ first weekend. He won three of the final four races Sunday, riding Jess Be Hawkin to a victory in the sixth race and Ezinmotion in the eighth.

It also was another great day for Sun Downs. More than 1,300 fans turned out on a glorious sunny day and put down $55,528 in wagers.

“Nice weather is the key,”said Sun Downs general manager Nancy Sorick. “We’re probably $15,000 over last year. Our people are really supportive.”

Jess Be Hawkin recorded the top time among the four qualifying races for the Pot O’ Gold Futurity to be held May 6. The 2-year-old sorrel didn’t get a great break in the sixth race, but caught up to early leader Sollovino and finished the 300-yard race in 15.68 seconds, followed by Fannies Corona in 15.83.

The sixth race also featured a scary spill near the halfway point, when Cosmic Blues — jockeyed by Ruben Camacho — sent Ireland Chicks — ridden by Ashley Zacherle — into the inside rail. Zacherle and Ireland Chicks both went down in a cloud of dust.

“The 3 horse came over and hit me so hard,” Zacherle said.

Ireland Chicks bounced up quickly and appeared to be unharmed. Zacherle not only got back up, but she mounted Lasting Influence in the seventh race, finishing seventh in the eight-horse field. Zacherle was scheduled to ride Shootem Scrutinizer in the ninth race but was replaced by Luis Flores Gonzalez.

“I’m OK. I’ve just got a big ol’ bruise on my butt,” Zacherle said.

But the day wasn’t wasted for the 22-year-old out of Grand Coulee. She guided Cartel Madam, a 2-year-old sorrel filly, to a win in the fourth race.

“Before I left, my daughter told me, ‘Mommy, be sure to win,’ ” Zacherle said. “(Cartel Madam) was sleeping in the gate. She didn’t start running until 100 yards into the race.”

Cartel Madam trailed Bg I Came I Saw Iwon, with Herrera aboard, by a head at the halfway mark but nipped him by a nose at the wire in 15.83 seconds.

Other Pot O’ Gold Futurity trial winners were Rumors R Flyin (15.71), ridden by Luis Torres, in the third race, and Lethal Bullet (15.82), ridden by Nate Smith, in the fifth.


After coming out slightly ahead Saturday, Trey Fecta took a huge hit Sunday, dropping $81 in wagers with no winners.

Starting with an imaginary bankroll of $300, he was up to $304.70 after Day 1. Now he desperately needs his luck to turn next Saturday with his bankroll dwindled down to $223.70.


FIRST — TB maiden, Fillies and mares 3YO&Up, Purse $1,300; 330 yards: 4. Kaskadian Kutie 7.40, 3.20, 2.20; 5. Chumaree in Motion 4.80, 2.20; 1. Implausible 2.20; EX (4-5) 28.80; QU (4-5) 24.00; TRI (4-5-1) 25.20.

SECOND — The Racing Journal Special, TB maiden, 3YO&Up, Purse $1,300, 4 furlongs: 2, Dominic Pass 18.00, 9.40, 6.40; 8, Justbrown 10.20, 5.00; 4, Loverboy Troy 6.20; Daily Double (4-2) 40.00; EX (2-8) 116.80; QU (2-8) 116.80; TRI (2-8-4) 1,810.60.

THIRD — Pot O’ Gold Futurity, Quarter Horse trials, nominated 2YOs that remain eligible, Purse $1,000, 300 yards: 2. Rumors R Flyin 24.60, 11.00, 5.40; 6., Rogue Country 12.40, 5.20; 1. Mr. Foxy Zoom 9.80, EX (2-6) 71.60, QU (2-6) 61.80, Superfecta (2-6-ALL) 26.90, TRI (2-6-1) 641.40.

FOURTH — Pot O’ Gold Futurity, Quarter Horse trials, nominated 2YOs that remain eligible, Purse $1,000, 300 yards: 1. Cartel Madam 5.60, 2.80, 2.20; 6. Bg I Came I Saw Iwon 8.20, 3.40; 3. One Famous Strawfly 2.80. EX (1-6) 100.40, QU (1-6) 50.40, TRI (1-6-3) 339.40.

FIFTH — Pot O’ Gold Futurity, Quarter Horse trials, nominated 2YOs that remain eligible, Purse $1,000, 300 yards: 4. Lethal Bullet 24.40, 8.20, 5 .60; 6. Stel a Flying 5.00, 3.80; 2. Habit Has Secrets 5.00. EX (4-6) 162.40; QU (4-6) 63.00; TRI (4-6-2) 263.40.

SIXTH — Pot O’ Gold Futurity, Quarter Horse trials, nominated 2YOs that remain eligible, Purse $1,000, 300 yards: 1. Jess Be Hawkin 9.20, 3.60, 3.80; 6. Fannies Corona 2.80, 2.40; 5. Sollovino 4.40. EX (1-6) 13.80, QU (1-6) 29.40, TRI (1-6-5) 246.80.

SEVENTH — TB clm $2,000, 3 YO&Up which have not won in 2012, Purse $1,600, 4 furlongs: 6. Star of Nome, 2. Trieste’d N True, 3. Go Buster Go.

EIGHTH — TB Allowance, 3YO&Up, Purse $1,900, 4 furlongs: 2. Ezinmotion 13.80, 3.80, 3.20; 5. He’s a Goblin 3.00, 2.40; 3. Bandalito Hombre 2.80; EX (2-5) 35.00; QU (2-5) 23.70; TRI (2-5-3) 122.20.

NINTH — Quarter Horse Allowance, 3YO&Up, Purse $1,900, 770 yards: 1. Camanche Moon 15.80, 4.80, 3.80; 4. Clear Blue Sea 2.60, 2.80; 7. Junos Last Cat 4.60. Daily Double (2-All) 8.40, Daily Double (All-1) 12.60; EX (1-4) 69.60; QU (1-4) 18.00; Superfecta (1-4-All) 54.50; TRI (1-4-7) 113.20.

Attendance: 1,300. Handle $55,528.

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