April 4, 2012 

Business News Release form

General telephone inquiries


General office hours

Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Name Title Email Work Phone
McConnell, Gregg Publisher gmcconnell@tricityherald.com 509-582-1443
Toms, Kati Publisher's assistant ktoms@tricityherald.com 509-582-1471
Parker, Ed Audience Development Manager eparker@tricityherald.com 509-582-1575
Nite, Kelly Human Resourses knite@tricityherald.com 509-582-1476


Name Title Email Work Phone
Flaherty, Sean Advertising Director sflaherty@tricityherald.com 509-582-1460
Hodge, Parker Classified manager phodge@tricityherald.com 509-585-7257
Beiswenger, Kurt Media sales executive kbeiswenger@tricityherald.com 509-582-1468
Crow, Mike Media sales executive mcrow@tricityherald.com 509-582-1414
Doty, Rachelle Media sales executive rdoty@tricityherald.com 509-582-1452
Hawkes, Kennen Media sales executive khawkes@tricityherald.com 509-582-1446
Labrousse, Jared Media sales executive jlabrousse@tricityherald.com 509-582-1415
Lechelt, Stephanie Media sales executive slechelt@tricityherald.com 509-582-1444
Perkins, Carol Poltical advertising sales, WinePress NW Sales cperkins@tricityherald.com 509-582-1438
Rettinghouse, Cody Media sales executive crettinghouse@tricityherald.com 509-582-1412
Tannahill, Terri Major & National accounts manager, Pre-print Coordinator ttannahill@tricityherald.com 509-582-1554
Watson, Bob Media sales executive bwatson@tricityherald.com 509-582-1413
Aubertin-Pipkins, Nancy Sales team assistant naubertin-pipkins@tricityherald.com 509-582-1464
Kanehl, Jerrica Sales team assistant jkanehl@tricityherald.com 509-582-1593
Langevin, Michelle Sales team assistant mlangevin@tricityherald.com 509-582-1472
Andrews, Kris Classified media consultant kandrews@tricityherald.com 509-582-1416
Bailey, Susan Classified media consultant sbailey@tricityherald.com "509-582-1500, Ext. 1989"
LaBelle, Becky Classified media consultant blabelle@tricityherald.com "509-582-1500, Ext. 1984"
Binion, Mike Layout Coordinator mbinion@tricityherald.com 509-582-1462


Name Title Email Work Phone
Hiner, D'Neen Customer Service dhiner@tricityherald.com 509-582-1429
Walker, Karen Home Delivery Manager kwalker@tricityherald.com 509-582-1409
Boyes, Deanna District manager dboyes@tricityherald.com 509-582-1420
Pina, Tamara District Manager tpina@tricityherald.com 509-585-7201

Information Systems

Name Title Email Work Phone
Gamble, Kristy Manager kgamble@tricityherald.com 509-582-1430
Johnson, Jack Technical Support Specialist jjohnson@tricityherald.com 509-582-1432


Name Title Email Work Phone
Hug, Jerry Finance Director jhug@tricityherald.com 509-582-1499
Wineland, Brian Senior Acct. bwineland@tricityherald.com 509-582-1483
Webb, Marci Staff Accounting mwebb@tricityherald.com 509-582-1547
Safford, Vickie Retail Billing Clerk vsafford@tricityherald.com 509-582-1475
Best, Angie Circulation Acctg Clerk aaustin@tricityherald.com 509-585-7231
Nite, Kelly HR Manager knite@tricityherald.com 509-582-1476

Creative Services

Name Title Email Work Phone
Baker, Misty Creative Manager mbaker@tricityherald.com 509-582-1454
Bartlett, Melissa Creative mbartlett@tricityherald.com 509-582-1556
Harker, Wileen Creative wharker@tricityherald.com 509-582-1459
Howland, Debbie Creative dhowland@tricityherald.com 509-582-1577
Satham, Mitzi Creative msatham@tricityherald.com 509-582-1578
Smith, Amy Creative asmith@tricityherald.com 509-582-1445

Editors and Newsroom

Name Title Email Work Phone
Williams, Laurie Executive editor lwilliams@tricityherald.com 509-582-1523
Van Nostrand, Jim Asst. Managing Editor, Digital jimvan@tricityherald.com 509-582-1405
Lord, Kristina Asst. Managing Editor klord@tricityherald.com 509-582-1481
Jensen, Jeanie Interactive Media Operations jjensen@tricityherald.com 509-582-1553
Sivula, Chris Editorial page editor csivula@tricityherald.com 509-582-1538
Lancaster, Lori Editorial writer llancaster@tricityherald.com 509-585-7232
Norman, Shelly Editorial writer snorman@tricityherald.com 509-582-1470
Morrow, Jeff Sports editor jmorrow@tricityherald.com 509-582-1507
Brawdy, Bob Photo editor bbrawdy@tricityherald.com 509-582-1548
Anthony, Kevin Sports reporter kanthony@tricityherald.com 509-582-1403
Beaver, Ty Reporter tbeaver@tricityherald.com 509-582-1402
Cary, Annette Reporter acary@tricityherald.com 509-582-1533
Church, Cindy Receptionist cchurch@tricityherald.com 509-582-1502
Desk, City news@tricityherald.com 509-582-1523
Folsom, Geoff Reporter gfolsom@tricityherald.com 509-582-1543
Foster, Drew Reporter dfoster@tricityherald.com 509-582-1513
Fowler, Annie Sports reporter afowler@tricityherald.com 509-582-1574
Gordon, Sarah Photographer sgordon@tricityherald.com 509-582-1536
Hedelman, Jobetta Copy editor jhedelman@tricityherald.com 509-582-1525
Hofstad, Shannon Copy Desk Chief shofstad@tricityherald.com 509-582-1524
Jarvis, Amanda Copy editor ajarvis@tricityherald.com 509-582-1516
Kraemer, Kristin Reporter kkraemer@tricityherald.com 509-582-1531
Leach, Tiffany Copy editor tleach@tricityherald.com 509-582-1518
Luginbill, Lucy Religion column coordinator lluginbill@tricityherald.com 509-582-1539
Luzovich, Nancy Copy editor nluzovich@tricityherald.com 509-582-1558
Millikin, Jack Sports reporter jmillikin@tricityherald.com 509-582-1406
Norman, Tom Copy editor tnorman@tricityherald.com 509-582-1527
O'Neal, Dori Reporter doneal@tricityherald.com 509-582-1514
Pihl, Kristi Reporter kpihl@tricityherald.com 509-582-1512
Richardson, Tyler Reporter trichardson@tricityherald.com 509-582-1556
Schilling, Sara Reporter sschilling@tricityherald.com 509-582-1529