Welcome to Earth Month

April 3, 2012 

— This year, Earth Day is Sunday April 22.

Weekend dates are ideal for involving family members and teaching the importance of protecting Mother Earth.

Earth Day began in 1970. Back then it was estimated 20 million people participated. Earth Day 2011 saw close to a billion, that's with a "B" and 180 countries around the world!

A recent Readers Digest survey shows 1 in 3.33 adults in the USA consider themselves environmentally conscious. And 1 in 1.69 came across as thinking "green." Education and awareness of what you can do and what a difference each individual can make is one of the tremendous effects of Earth Day.

Since that first Earth Day, 38 states have added wind power devices to power grids. There are about 9,000 curbside programs picking up recyclable items nationwide.

Closer to home, the Mid-Columbia has plenty of projects in need of your services. Check any number of websites and find out about projects you can participate in.

You know you don't even have to go outside your home to be a factor? Idle electronics, just sitting there plugged in, not being used; those take up about 5 percent of domestic energy. It runs up a tab of nearly $8 billion annually. Check that radio you're not using. Is the drill press plugged in all year? Do you keep the toaster and can opener plugged in just in case you might use them?

Here's a simple chore; Earth Day morning get up just like you're going to change your clocks. Go around the house and garage and unplug the stuff you've left tied into the power grid and haven't been using. There! One Earth Day project completed!

Now you've got plenty of time to join the church group, business group, or maybe civic organization and aid in their Earth Day project!

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