Wulff might be one to clean up Montana mess

March 29, 2012 

When I heard Montana fired head football coach Robin Pflugrad and athletic director Jim O'Day, my thoughts immediately turned toward who could replace Pflugrad, and a former Washington State coach popped into my head.

I bet you know which one.

Paul Wulff was dumped by the Cougars after going 9-40 in four seasons. But before that, he had a pretty good run at Eastern Washington -- one of Montana's Big Sky rivals. He had a winning overall record in all but one of his eight seasons with the Eagles, and they even tied for first in the Big Sky in two of those years.

One of Wulff's biggest selling points for keeping his job at WSU was that he cleaned up the program after it went off the rails because of academic sanctions and off-field issues. It wasn't perfect at WSU when Wulff was there, sure. But with two Montana players accused of sexual assault, the Grizzlies might be more inclined to pick a coach who can straighten out the program, though they are not saying that was the reason for the firings of Pflugrad and Day.

I don't know how popular this blog will be with my boss, Laurie Williams, fellow sports writer Kevin Anthony or the other Montana alumni in this building -- I know how much the Griz Kids like to win, and Wulff hasn't done a lot of that lately -- but it's only my speculation.

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