Here's a Fever camp update

February 17, 2012 

Just talked to Leon Wright-Jackson, the Pasco High School graduate who signed with the Tri-Cities Fever on Thursday night after trying out for the team last Saturday.

He was just getting ready to go to his first practice with the team Friday morning, and he was excited.

Wright-Jackson played one season at the University of Nebraska before transferring to the University of Hawaii, where he was a running back for three seasons, finishing up in 2010.

Since then, he hadn't caught on anywhere.

"I've been working out," he said. "The Texans and the Jaguars both called me. They got all of my information, and I went down to Los Angeles and worked out with a bunch of guys at the Home Depot Center. I got my workouts in .... and then the lockout happened."

By the time the NFL lockout ended last summer, there was little time for NFL teams to bring in free agents.

So with no spring mini-camps or team workouts, a lot of young players just out of college didn't get that chance they normally would.

Fever coach Adam Shackleford couldn't believe his luck when he found out Wright-Jackson lived in the Tri-Cities.

"He was a guy two years ago I tried to find, but couldn't," said Shackleford. "I had no idea he was from here. He came out to the tryout the other night, and he looks good. He's very fast. A guy that good, and you already have him in town? You sign him."

Wright-Jackson is just grateful for the chance.

"Football is in my blood," he said. "You can't just stop it. My wife, she pushed me to do this. She saw me on Sundays watching football in front of the TV. I'd be sweating."

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