Bet on this: Vegas loves Super Bowl Sunday

By Jeff Morrow, Tri-City Herald sports editor February 5, 2012 

Today's Super Bowl is expected to be the most bet-on sporting event ever for Nevada's sports books.

According to, the Nevada Gaming Control Board expects total wagers on today's game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants (kickoff at 3:30 p.m. on NBC) to exceed the record of $94,534,370 that was bet on Super Bowl XL -- which coincidentally was the Seahawks-Steelers title game a few years ago.

And after my friend Matt brought back the betting sheet from MGM Resorts last weekend, it's easy to see why.

There are at least 105 ways to bet on today's game.

Obviously, there is the main one, picking the winner -- the underdog Giants or the 21/2-point favorite Patriots. Then there's the over/under of 55 points -- the total points both teams are expected to score.

But then there are the offbeat bets. Among them are:

* Will there be a score in the first 6:30 of the game (a score with exactly 8:30 left in the quarter counts as a yes);

* Will there be a score in the last 2 minutes of the first half;

* Which team will score first;

* Will the team that punts first lose the game;

* The longest field goal of the game, over/under at 43.5 yards (all bets to be refunded if no field goals are made);

* Total punts by both teams, over/under at 8.5;

* Total penalties in the game, over/under at 10.5 (accepted penalties only).

Also, there are wagers being taken on which team will score first in each quarter.

You can bet on the margin of victory (3-to-1 odds on Giants winning by 1 to 6 points); what the first scoring play of the game will be (a Giants or Patriots safety gets you 50-to-1), or the last scoring play of the game; or who will make the first interception (Corey Webster pays 8-to-1, while Osi Umenyiora pays 50-to-1).

You can bet on what the Giants' final score will be (9-to-1 if it's 28 points, 150-to-1 if it's 11 points). Same thing for the Pats.

You can bet on the first player to score a touchdown (Ahmad Bradshaw or Rob Gronkowski will pay 4-to-1; Tom Brady pays 17-to-1) or the last TD.

And then there are the slew of bets connected to the quarterbacks, Eli Manning and Brady: total completions, total pass attempts, total yards of longest completion, total yards of first completion, etc.

And that is why more money will be bet on today's game than any other, and why Las Vegas will be the busiest it has been in one day.

A Husky-Chinook connection

That young man, Terrence Ross, playing so well for the Washington Huskies men's basketball team this season?

Some of you might remember when he lived in the Tri-Cities in the early 1990s.

His father is Terry Ross, who played for the Tri-City Chinook in the old Continental Basketball Association. Dad won the CBA dunk competition at the All-Star Game one year, and he could jump out of the gym.

His mother, Marcine, was a heck of an athlete too, and she helped Lori Selby coach the CBC women's basketball team back then.

The thing I remember about Terrence was that he was an active 2-year-old, always running around the Toyota Center. Marcine and Terry had to be good athletes just to keep up with him.

T.O. in the IFL

Terrell Owens, better known to football fans as T.O., announced on his Twitter page last month that he has signed with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League.

T.O. couldn't get a nibble last fall from any of the NFL teams, and Allen's brass made him an offer to not only play wide receiver for the Wranglers, but also to become a part-owner.

Allen and the Tri-Cities Fever are not scheduled to meet during the regular season.


Just a question to throw out there: Is there a better minor league sports executive around than Bob Tory? If so, I'd like to meet him/her, because more often than not, Tory seems to make the right move as the Tri-City Americans' governor. ... OK, Teri Carr of the Fever is pretty dang good, too. She was named the Indoor Football League executive of the year last season. But Tory has had the Americans playing at such a high level for the last four or five years. ... And Tri-City Dust Devils general manager Derrel Ebert was named the Northwest League executive of the year last season. ... Come to think of it, this area is pretty damn lucky to have three top execs running our minor league franchises.

* Think you still can play football? Prove it. Fever coach Adam Shackleford has decided to hold an open tryout Feb. 11 at the Toyota Center. Get signed that night, and you will join the rest of the team for practice the next morning. Tri-Cities' season opener is Feb. 25 at home against the Everett Raptors.

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