Richland store partners with Warden native seed company

January 31, 2012 

RICHLAND — This week's email newsletter from the NW Regional Food Hub and includes a couple of items that should appeal to those interested in native plant landscapes.

And what caught my eye was an example of desert globemallow with a low-resolution photo that made it similar to a label on a bottle wine, with Red Mountain, in effect, listed as the appellation.

A quick search led me to Seeds of Nature, a native seed company in the Columbia Basin town of Warden. And it appears this outfit has cleverly designed their seed packets to be reminiscent of wine labels.

Here's what today's blast from Dani Smart's young company included:

"This Friday we will start our partnership with Seeds of Nature.

"Seeds of Nature is a product of BFI Native Seeds bringing valuable but sometimes difficult to obtain native species to concerned citizen ecologists everywhere. We take pride in providing native plant genetics with all of its local-specific adaptations intact. Preserving part of a unique botanical heritage and passing it along to you, who care, is important and we are glad to do it."

We hope you'll visit the Hub to see their many seed offerings. Within the next few weeks we'll also begin planning a demo garden at the Hub with them!"

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