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January 18, 2012 

After four years on the job here, it sometimes feels like I've seen just about all the assignments there are. Sure, there are plenty of potential big-time events that I didn't get to cover, but it seemed like the basic, daily-grind shoots had all been done.

I came to a strange realization while shooting photos for a business feature on Fat Olives in Kennewick becoming Kennewick City Grill: I haven't shot much food.

What seems like a staple of many workaday photoj's had somehow never been dished my way. And since I never really hungered for these shots (last stupid food pun, I promise), it's become the next deficiency I need to work on.

I've photographed plenty of food, like these little details for a story a few years back about Spudnuts' 60th anniversary,

and I cobbled together this splashy shot of an Irish car bomb for an St. Patrick's Day Atomictown cover:

But the donut details and other similar shots don't really fit that classic, well-lit food photo that often accompany restaurant reviews. Thinking back to all the restaurant stories I've photographed, most of them were shot as previews while the shops were still under construction, so food details weren't even an option.

Kennewick City Grill was already set up from its Fat Olives days, though, and with a cool-looking bar as one of the new additions, I asked the owner to mix up a couple of colorful drinks:

I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out, but I didn't handle the lighting on the glass quite right, creating a sloppy highlight on the blue drink. I did even worse in that regard a week later while photographing the feta bruschetta at McKay's Taphouse in Richland:

That crazy hot spot on the middle beer just calls attention to its haphazard placement, and I probably should have cropped it and the other beer glass out to really focus on the food. Next time, though, I'll remember to spend more time on arranging and tweaking my lights.

It's not that I'm all that interested in food photography. There's a reason I haven't done much up to this point. I like making photos of people and capturing moments. Still it never hurts to have more skills in your repertoire, so here's hoping I can snap something a little more scrumptious next time.


No links this week since I'm on vacation, but too OCD about BtF to ruin a weekly publishing streak that only I care about. Instead enjoy a couple of my favorite skits from Kids in the Hall, which I was pumped to see is available for streaming on Netflix now.

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