CRIME: Kennewick police chief jog leads to pot bust

By Tri-City Herald staffNovember 22, 2011 

KENNEWICK — Kennewick police Chief Ken Hohenberg and two top command officers out for a morning jog Monday interrupted a suspected pot smoking rendezvous on Clover Island.

Hohenberg said he, along with Scott Child and Trevor White, were running through the parking lot at the east end of the island when they noticed a vehicle in which three or four people were acting suspicious.

The lawmen's instincts escalated when White, who is in charge of all the city's detective forces, including those with the metro drug task force, detected the smell of marijuana as they ran by the vehicle.

Rather than trying to outrun what could become a vehicle trying to get away with no chance of them catching up on foot, Hohenberg and his command officers called ahead for a patrol officer, who pulled over the vehicle and suspects just as they were trying to leave Clover Island.

"We let the other officers do the paperwork," Hohenberg said.

The chief said Marquez Guerrero-Harvey, 18, of Kennewick, was cited and the juveniles in the vehicle were turned over to their parents.

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