Mid-Columbia police records for Thu, Nov 10, 2011

November 10, 2011 

Benton County Judgements

Capital One Bank was awarded:

$8,435 from Eddit Simpson.

$3,093 from Gerardo C. Medrano.

$4,466 from Maria Weis.

$5,292 from Maria O. Mendoza.

Target National Bank was awarded $5,530 from Sharon K. Wolf.

FIA Card Services was awarded $58,070 from Garry Gorsuch.

Department of Revenue was awarded:

$22,864 from Bohica Paint LLC.

$12,822 from Willingham III LLC and Willingham's Grill.

$28,162 from Manuel J. Preciado, Julia Preciado and La Tropicana.

$20,073 from Six Degrees Restaurants LLC and Six Degrees A Restaurant and Bar.

$2,628 from Hink Inc.

$9,843 from Gathy C. Brown, Cindy Brown and Efficient Heating and Cooling.

$5,580 from Revere LLC and Network Task Com.

$17,275 from Shoemaker Excavation Inc.

$12,343 from Ivan More Infante and IZ Maintenance Landscaping and Lawn Care.

Department of Labor and Industries was awarded:

$80,605 from Walters Inc.

$3,924 from IGT Landscaping and Excavation LLC.

$5,319 from Alejandro R. Camacho, G. Placida Mendoza doing business as Camacho's Stucco and Stone.

$6,576 from Tevita Halo.

$3,553 from Louis R. Sullins and Vickie L. Sullins.

Fireside Bank was awarded $3,170 from Jodi L. Parsons and Paul D. Parsons.

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