Mid-Columbia police records for Thu, Nov 3, 2011

November 3, 2011 

Franklin County Judgements

State of Washington Department of Revenue was awarded:

$3,077 from EJC Construction Inc.

$3,600 from Moreno Construction Limited Liability Co.

State of Washington Department of Labor and Industry was awarded:

$4,790 from C & R Plastering LLC.

$4,256 from Call Me Inc.

State of Washington Employment Security Department was awarded:

$2,650 from David Garcia.

$3,601 from Toribio Hernandez.

$3,472 from Maria G. Gallegos.

$6,206 from De Sabandith.

$4,315 from Douglas Dorton.

$2,553 from Carlos Y. Munoz.

$3,521 from Danny N. Thomas.

$3,266 from Sarah Walker.

$9,442 from Neal Y. Gutleben.

Fireside Bank was awarded $4,886 from Maria G. Mendoza and Ruben J. Mendoza.

B&B Equipment was awarded $257,284 from Graff Systems Inc.

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