Mid-Columbia police records for Sat, Sep 3, 2011

September 3, 2011 

Franklin County Judgments

Washington Employment Security Department was awarded:

-- $4,580 from Joseph P. Pizzarella Jr.

-- $7,907 from Lakai D. Laititi.

-- $3,360 from Leoncico Y. Vasquez.

-- $3,603 from Robert C. Allen.

-- $33,916 from Israel Cantu Jr.

-- $3,780 from Henry Guzman Jr.

-- $3,402 from Mason C. Harris.

-- $6,600 fro Christine A. Tyler.

-- $16,178 from Virginia M. Dickerson.

-- $437,010 from Wubben Brothers Inc. and Columbia Asphalt Maintenance.

Washington Department of Revenue was awarded $42,324 from Rogelio J. Nunez.

Washington Department of Labor and Industries was awarded $6,925 from R&R Trucking Inc.

Discover Bank was awarded $7,047 from Jose A. Camarena-Agirre.

Fireside Bank was awarded $4,518 from Jason Honeycutt and Siobhan R. Honeycutt.

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