MLB Network's nightly tribute to Dave Niehaus

May 9, 2011 

This season, I find myself glued almost nightly to the MLB Network and its Emmy Award-winning coverage.

It's to the point that I tune into ESPN's Baseball Tonight each week about as often as Milton Bradley manages managed an extra-base hit for the Seattle Mariners.

The MLB Network's nightly, hour-long roundup of all the day's games is titled Quick Pitch, and the show's vibrant intro closes with the unmistakable voice of the Mariners' late, great Dave Niehaus.

"The unbelievable has happened!"

For those who don't remember, the call by Niehaus wasn't that long ago.

It came Sept. 18, 2009 at Safeco Field when Ichiro delivered a walk-off homer at the expense of Yankees closer Mariano Rivera. Below is the best YouTube clip that I could readily find.

A Hall of Fame announcer. A future Hall of Fame pitcher. A future Hall of Fame outfielder. And it gives me chills every night I hear it.

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