Full Snow Moon sets track record at Sun Downs

By Jeff Morrow, Herald sports editor May 8, 2011 

KENNEWICK -- Los Alamitos sent in the big guns Saturday for the two top races at Sun Downs in Kennewick, and they came away successful.

Three-year-old Hooters and Beer, ridden by Nikeela Black, blazed to victory in the $16,700 Dick Monahan Memorial/American Quarter Horse Association Maiden Challenge Finals.

Meanwhile, Full Snow Moon and rider Cesar De Alba set a track record for 350 yards to take the $15,120 AQHA Pfizer Starters Allowance Challenge Finals.

Both horses regularly compete at Los Alamitos in Southern California.

Dean Frey, the owner of Hooters and Beer, was hopeful his horse could take the Maiden Challenge.

"I brought him up here for this," said Frey. "I thought Nikeela rode him well, and (trainer) Carrie (Hoburg) did a good job with him."

Hoburg, from Kennewick, had the gelding for six weeks this winter.

"He had a clean break by himself at the start," said Hoburg. "It was exciting. And Dick Monahan was a good friend of our family. It's touching to win this race."

It was Black's first time in a race on the horse.

"I had galloped him once," she said. "Dean told me a lot of things about him in the paddock. They told me what to do with him, then said go ahead and do what I need to."

Black didn't like his slow start.

"I started screaming at him," she said. "I didn't whip him, and he still ran faster. I got back to (Frey and Hoburg) and they said 'You didn't whip him.' "

Didn't need to, as he finished in 17.79 seconds and two lengths ahead of runnerup Lds Amazing Grace and rider Paul Greene.

If that wasn't impressive enough, up stepped Full Snow Moon and De Alba in the final race of the day.

The 6-year-old seemed a little jumpy in the paddock. But De Alba has ridden him before, winning twice at Los Alamitos since last October.

"He's a pretty solid horse," said De Alba. "Every time he gets a clean break from the gate he's hard to beat."

Which is what happened, although De Alba -- who flew into the Tri-Cities for this one race before heading back to Los Alamitos for more stakes race trials today -- said "he slowed down the last 100 yards."

It didn't matter, as Full Snow Moon set a Sun Downs track record for 350 yards at 17.45 seconds.

"I didn't know that," said De Alba, stunned.

Owners Valentin Zamudio and Paul Penuelas claimed the horse last June for $2,500.

"I saw him and I thought he was strong," said Zamudio. "I decided to come up here (for this Challenge race) because of his condition, and it's harder to get into the finals down there in Los Alamitos."

Indeed, by winning Saturday, Zamudio and Penuelas get to take their horse to the finals later this year in Los Alamitos -- their home track.

As for Hooters and Beer, there is no final for him. His race Saturday was an added bonus by the AQHA with no chance to advance anywhere.

A large crowd of more than 2,500 fans came out to watch the card and also have a chance to bet on and watch the Kentucky Derby. The result was an impressive betting handle of $104,110.

Almost $70,000 of that was on the Sun Downs races.

Today marks the final day of the meet and will feature the $30,611 Pot O'Gold Futurity.

Also scheduled is the $24,300 AQHA Meriel/Distaff Challenge Finals, the $3,250 Wildhorse Au Revoir Handicap at 6 1/2 furlongs, and the $3,439 Pot O'Gold Futurity Consolation.

Trey Fecta

Trey lost $42.20 on Saturday, dropping the bankroll down to $320.40, still above the imaginary $300 we started with.

Today, we'll start by picking Sultana's Secret for the first half of the Daily Double and combine her with David Strike Back for a $5 quinella.

In the second, Deniro gets the nod for the second half of the Daily Double. We'll also box a trifecta with Deniro, Mighty B Zoomn, and Chitchattin Memories.

For the third, let's box a trifecta of Relaunch Louie, Johnnydrew and Swiss Ace. We'll go with $5 across the board for Nastoli.

In the fifth, we're going with a $5 quinella on I C a Charm and Pat's Margarita. We'll box a trifecta of Yin Your Eyes, Carry on Cappy and Queens Prince Gol in the sixth.

For the seventh, pick a $5 quinella of Tiff Tivy Tiff and Third of a Kind. For the Pot O'Gold in the eighth, we'll box a $5 exacta of Warnock and Bedas Jumpin Okie.

In the ninth, it's $5 across the board on Putmeinyourwill. Also take the horse for the first half of the late double.

In the 10th, it's Lds Patty Ann for the second half of the late double. And combine her with Shes First Down for a $5 quinella.

That's $82 in wagers.

Saturday's results

FIRST - Malon and Lola Cowgill Special, QH mdn, 2YO, Purse $1,200, 300 yards: 4. Stolen Cartel 4.20, 3.00, 2.40. 3. LI Blade Runner 9.60, 4.20. 6. Chicks First Prize 3.40. EX (4-3) 95.20; QU 51.60; TRI (4-3-6) 193.40.

SECOND - Homer Thoroughbreds Special, TB mdn, 3YO&up, Purse $1,300, 4 furlongs: 4. Mmmthatfeelsgood 15.00, 6.00, 4.80. 6. Free Biscuit 4.20, 4.80. 3. Warbeast 8.40. EX (4-6) 76.80; QU 59.40; TRI (4-6-3) 410.60. DD (4-4) 37.40.

THIRD - TB clm $5000, 3YO&Up never won 3 races, Purse $1,700, 4 furlongs: 2. Windsong Music 19.80, 8.60, 3.00. 4. Prince Chumaree 4.00, 2.20. 5. Nibbles 2.60. EX (2-4) 41.20; QU 22.80; TRI (2-4-5) 83.40. SUP (2-4-5-All) 39.50.

FOURTH - Joey and Buddy Miller Memorial, QH mdn, 3YO&Up, Purse $1,300, 330 yards: 7. Graces Blue Apollo 4.40, 3.00, 2.80. 2. Sittin On A Secret 7.80, 5.40. 8. A Dashing Wind 5.40. EX (7-2) 31.00; QU 29.70; TRI (7-2-8) 227.80

KENTUCKY DERBY- 3YO, Purse $2,000,000, 1 1/4 miles: 16. Animal Kingdom 43.80, 19.60, 13.00. 19. Nehro 8.80, 6.40. 13. Mucho Macho Man 7.00. EX (16-19) 329.80; TRI 3,952.40; SUP (16-19-13-14) 24,063.00.

FIFTH - TB clm $2500, 3YO&Up which have not won a race in 2011, Purse $1600, 6 furlongs: 2. Rush Ahead 6.40, 4.00, 4.00. 5. Tom West 4.20, 5.80. 1. Reason to Reckon 10.20. EX (2-5) 18.60; QU 15.90; TRI (2-5-1) 119.60.

SIXTH - TB clm $2500, 3YO&Up which have not won a race in 2011, Purse $1,600, 4 furlongs: 4. Slew Can Dance 5.40, 2.60, 2.80. 1. Mountain Mustang 2.20, 3.20. 5. Dutch Apple 4.80. EX (4-1) 9.00; QU 6.30; TRI (4-1-5) 193.00; SUP (4-1-5-6) 66.30.

SEVENTH - Dick Monahan/AQHA Maiden Challenge Finals, 3YO, Purse $16,700, 350 yards: 6. Hooters and Beer 3.80, 3.20, 3.00. 5. Lds Amazing Grace 3.60, 3.20. 4. Ocean Runner 4.40. EX (6-5) 19.40; QU 12.90; TRI (6-5-4) 100.00.

EIGHTH - Jim Smith Farms Special, TB clm $2500, Fillies and Mares 3YO&Up which have not won a race in 2011, Purse $1,600, 4 furlongs: 5. Miss Slewledo 3.40, 2.80, 2.10. 4. Doozyburg 3.20, 2.20. 8. Snowbound 2.60. EX (5-4) 6.40; QU 10.20; TRI (5-4-8) 38.00.

NINTH - AQHA Pfizer Starters Allowance Challenge Finals, 3YO, Purse $15,120, 350 yards: 4. Full Snow Moon 4.00, 5.00, 3.80. 6. Dashing Strawfly 7.00, 7.20. 8. Legal Runaway 6.80. EX (4-6) 26.00; QU 32.70; TRI (4-6-8) 193.40; SUP (4-6-8-All) 89.00; DD (5-4) 8.80.

Total handle: $104,110.

Today's entries

First post at 1:30 p.m.

FIRST -- DeMatteis Racing Stable, TB clm $2000, 3YO&Up which have not won a race in 2011, Purse $1,500, 4 furlongs: 1. David Strike Back; 2. Amazing Feat; 3. Lilbitajojo; 4. Trieste'd N True; 5. Totally Brilliant; 6. Ohmyohmy; 7. Sultana's Secret.

SECOND--Pot O' Gold Futurity, QH futurity consolation, 2YO that qualified 11th through 20th in time, Purse $3,439, 300 yards: 1. Mighty B Zoomn; 2. Chitchattin Memories; 3. Deniro; 4. Cash for Chivato; 5. Real Buccaneer; 6. Smr Bronte.

THIRD--TB clm $3200, 3YO&Up, Purse $3,200, 4 furlongs: 1. Johnnydrew; 2. Swiss Ace; 3. Honour the West; 4. Cash in Black; 5. Via Rodeo; 6. Relaunch Louie.

FOURTH--Horse Heaven Gallery, QH allowance, 3YO&Up which have never won 3 races, Purse $1,700, 300 yards: 1. Paraphrase; 2. Make Mischief; 3. Miss Royal Rumble; 4. Kipas Dash; 5. Hy Lonesome; 6. Dont Look Back; 7. Nastoli; 8. Bh Country Cutie; 9. Real Queen Like It.

FIFTH--TB clm $3200, Fillies & Mares 3YO&Up, Purse $1,700, 4 furlongs: 1. Pat's Margarita; 2. Skimmed; 3. I C a Charm; 4. Slews Fancy; 5. Flying Squirrel.

SIXTH--QH allowance, 3YO&Up, Purse $1,800, 770 yards: 1. Hasta Be Hawkin; 2. Queens Price Gol. 3. Holystack. 4. Call Me a Yankee; 5. Carry On Cappy; 6. Father Johns Cash; 7. Yin Your Eyes. 8 Jess a Traffic Jam.

SEVENTH--Malon and Lola Cowgill, TB clm $3200, Fillies & Mares 3YO&Up, Purse $1,700, 6 furlongs: 1. Tiff Tivy Tiff; 2. Sea Starlet; 3. Third of a Kind; 4. My Maggie Mae; 5. Arizona Diamond; 6. My Blue Heart.

EIGHTH--Pot O' Gold Futurity, QH futurity, 2YO that qualified 1st through 10th in time trials, Purse $30,611, 300 yards: 1. The Streakin Clean; 2. Unique Sneak; 3. Ez Seis Me; 4. Bedas Jumpin Okie; 5. Bellingham; 6. Bones Show Boy; 7. Warnock; 8. Uncle Sam Sweetfly; 9. Long Live Cowgirls; 10. Queens Dasher.

NINTH--Wildhorse 'Au Revoir' Handicap, TB hdcp for horses that have sarted at this 2011 Sundowns meet, Purse $3,250, 6 1/2 furlongs: 1. Skiing Chumaree; 2. Saratoga's Magic; 3. On the Hill; 4. Seymour White Curt; 5. Putmeinyourwill; 6. Want the Facts; 7. Via Zavata.

TENTH--AQHA Merial/Distaff Challenge Finals, AH challenge finals, Fillies & Mares 3YO&Up that qualified in time trials, Purse $24,300, 400 yards: 1. Arctic Circle; 2. Afterglow; 3. Shes First Down; 4. Here Come the Budder; 5. Lds Patty Ann; 6. Sheza Bad Habit; 7. The Fire Fly; 8. Little Bit of Corona.

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