May 7, 2011 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between the electronic edition and the Tri-City Herald?
A: The electronic edition contains all the news, photos, ads, box scores, and special sections in the printed Tri-City Herald. It's a clickable replica of our newspaper. It is a subscriber-based service.

Q: What is the cost of the electronic edition subscription?

Subscription Description
13 Weeks 26 Weeks 52 Weeks
Daily On-line Only
$22.88 $45.76 $91.52
Printed Copy Fri, Sat, Sun & Holidays/Online Daily
$38.35 $76.70 $153.40
Printed Copy Sun/Online Daily
$31.20 $62.40 $124.80
Printed Copy Daily + Complementary Online Daily
$45.50 $91.00 $172.12

Q: I am already a 7-day subscriber to the Tri-City Herald. Do I need to subscribe to the E-Edition?
A: No, all 7-day newspaper subscribers have been gifted a free E-Edition subscription. All you need to do is click the ‘Today’s Edition’ button and register your account.

Q: I am a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday OR a Sunday Only subscriber. Can I access the E-Edition on the days I don’t receive a newspaper?
A: Yes. You need to upgrade your existing subscription to a Combo subscription. To upgrade your existing subscription, email the subscribers name, address and telephone number to You will receive a confirmation email when your request has been processed.

Q: When I try to log in, I am simply returned to the login page with no error message. Why is this happening?
A: The most likely explanation is that you're running a personal firewall such as Zone Alarm Pro or McAfee. If that is the case, you'll need to add our IPs to your "Trusted Zones" area.

Q: When I call up a story in the online paper, what are my viewing options?
A: When you double click a story to open, the story window appears.. "Paper View" displays the story just as it appears in the newspaper, with columns and photos in place. "Text View" is a text view of the story and photos more like you normally see on web pages. You can email or print the story in either mode. Just use the icons at the top of the story for print or email.

Q: The text is too small to read. How can I enlarge it?
A: You can expand the type size in Paper View if you are having trouble reading the story. You can enlarge the page itself by clicking on the icons in the upper right, but stories are meant to be clicked on.

Q: When I've clicked on a story, how can I make the story window larger?
A: Just drag the triangle in the bottom right-hand corner of the story window. You control how much larger to make the window.

Q: Where are previous issues?
A: There is a tab at the top of the daily edition called “Back Issues” for the most recent seven days.

Q: What if I am only interested in articles about, say, Cougar football?
A: The clickable edition makes it easier than ever to find specific coverage. Just click on Features, use Search, and type in keywords such as Cougar football, and links to any coverage will appear -- no matter what section they are in. You can search just that day or the entire past week.

Q: Can I print out articles, photos, and features such as crosswords and comics?
A: Yes. Simply click on the element you want to print, and click the icon of the printer in the top toolbar.

Q: Can I email the crossword or comics to another user?
A: Yes you can. Just click on the feature you want and select the email icon.

Q: You are collecting personal information when I sign up. Is this being offered to any third parties?
A: No. This information is for internal use only. Those who sign up will receive emails on occasion, but your personal data is not being sold or otherwise shared with outside parties.

Q: I can't see the whole page on my screen. What do I do?
A: If you cannot view the entire width of the page, find a scroll bar along the bottom edge of your Web page. You can scroll right or left to view more of the page. You can also navigate up and down using the scroll bar on the right edge. If you zoom out, you will be able to see more of each page. There are + and - buttons at the top that control zooming in and out.

Q: How can I get additional help?
A: Send an email to

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