Darryl Porter don't know hockey

March 6, 2011 

You know it’s a sad day in Canada when a former beer salesman can’t sell a hockey ticket to a Canadian.

This is the case in Chilliwack, where after 5 years, Darryl Porter wants to sell the Bruins (sound familiar). Everything this man touches turns to cow poo.

This is the same man who said hockey can’t survive in the Tri-Cities. Mr. Pessimist left town and the Americans won three consecutive U.S. Division titles, a Scott Munro trophy and a Western Conference title. Can’t survive my ass — which by the way had a seat at every one of those playoff games to win those banners.

Here are a couple of Porter moments from March 25, 2005

“We hope, with the Board of Governors approval, to move to a pure hockey atmosphere where we can turn a profit,” Porter said from his home in Delta, British Columbia. “That’s why the decision was made.”

And ...

Porter believes a fresh start in a new community would be profitable.

“When you are in this community and this facility (Prospera Centre), it’s not hard to feel good about it,” Porter said. “Chilliwack has been highly attended for years and hockey is the only sport there. Chilliwack sold the same amount of corporate sponsorships as we did this last year and it was all local. We would get some Vancouver-based support, as well.”

Apparently not.

The Chilliwack Bruins were a hit at first, but the allure faded as the Bruins failed to perform on the ice. Then the Abbotsford Heat (AHL) moved in 20 minutes down the road, eating into their fan base.

The Bruins’ attendance this season has ranged from a low of 2,346 fans to 4,450. They have not sold out Prospera Centre (4,817) even once this season.

Talk is, there is a buyer who wants to move the team to Victoria. Read that story here.

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