Kamiakin passing game spreads wealth

By Kevin Anthony, Herald staff writer December 3, 2010 

KENNEWICK -- Decisions, decisions ...

Every time Joey Jansen drops back to pass -- and that's about 23 times a game -- the Kamiakin quarterback has his hands full.

No, it's not from bull-rushing defensive monsters. His offensive line makes sure of that.

It's from having two, three, sometimes five guys running through the secondary, arms up signaling they're open.

Does he hit A.J. Griffiths at the sticks for another first down? Maybe float a ball down the sideline that Tyler Holle can go up and get?

Has Tim White beaten that double team yet?

Like a Vegas buffet, there's really not a bad choice on the menu. And every play can go to the house.

"Tyler Holle one-on-one, Tim one-on-one, A.J. -- we like those matchups," said Braves head coach Scott Biglin. "And nine times out of 10, they're going to make the play."

Jansen, a first-year varsity QB, has rolled up record numbers this season. Every TD he has thrown for the past month is a single-season record. He's up to 36, completing 58 percent of his passes for 2,734 yards.

But most impressive is how well he has spread the wealth.

Kamiakin came into the season with three standout senior returners: White, Griffiths and Holle.

White is regarded as one of the top receivers in the state, and he leads the team with 42 catches for 756 yards and 10 TDs. Griffiths is close behind with 38 for 626 and 8 TDs. Holle missed a couple games with a knee injury but is tied with White for 10 TD grabs and has 28 catches for 554 yards.

Along the way, juniors Jesse Houser (20-283, 1 TD) and James Swinyard (13-207, 5 TDs) have developed into reliable weapons as well.

Biglin, himself a former quarterback, appreciates having all those options in his spread offense. He said each one brings something different to the table.

"Tim is the play-maker," Biglin said. "Tyler can jump out of the roof. He's the guy from the 5-yard line. AJ runs the right route every time. He picks up the first down when we need it.

"Jesse is the slot. He's an athlete -- very, very fast. But he's not going to break a whole lot because he's around four linebackers. But when he gets the ball, he makes people miss.

"James, he knows all the positions."

They also bring different dimensions off the field.

"Tim's the swagger. AJ, he's a great leader, he's funny, sarcastic," Biglin said. "Tyler is serious, Mr. Business. He brings everyone into check.

"Houser is a goofball. He and AJ really feed off each other, and Swinyard goes with the flow."

Biglin added they're pretty good at avoiding the "diva" label. You won't see any of them dressing down the quarterback with cries of "I was open."

"I haven't had one complaint," he said. "Obviously, they want the ball and want to make plays. But as long as we're winning ..."

Everyone is happy.

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