Kamiakin set for trip to Tacoma

By Kevin Anthony, Herald staff writer December 2, 2010 

KENNEWICK -- While a bump to the thermometer was turning the parking lot and practice field at Kamiakin High School into a slippery mess, coach Scott Biglin and his staff and players were sweating out another practice in the school's main gym.

Best to get ready for the balmy confines of the Tacoma Dome by getting used to playing in heat again.

In that vein, Biglin reminded his players to pack extra socks and T-shirts so they don't end up soggy in the second half Friday evening.

He reminded them of TV timeouts, of plans for team dinners and a million other bits of minutia that go along with being one of the last teams standing.

"All this is advice I've gotten from buddies, from Coach (Steve) Graff and (assistant coach Nate) Holdren at Richland," Biglin said. "The point is to make sure you're well prepared."

Being prepared is essential when playing for a state title, which Kamiakin will do at 4 p.m. Friday. It's critical when facing a football machine like the Bellevue Wolverines, who have won seven of the last nine 3A state titles, including two in a row.

"They're very, very disciplined," Biglin said, "which is what you're always trying for when you're playing in the final game.

"We have to be likewise."

The Braves will depart the Tri-Cities around 11 a.m. today, with a practice set for 6:30 p.m. at the Dome.

Biglin said the No. 1 lesson he heard from fellow coaches was to "condition the crap out of 'em."

Aside from that, he said, it has been a fun week for the players.

"It's been a lot more exciting for the kids," he said. "There's been a ton of fans -- everywhere they go, people are telling them great job.

"But the kids aren't getting big heads about it. They know it's going to be hard. They want to win it, and they expect to come in and be prepared."

For those unable to make the trip to Tacoma, the game will be televised live on FSN and again at 10:30 p.m.

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