Kamiakin, Chiawana dominate all-CBBN football

By the Herald staff November 15, 2010 

The CBBN all-league football teams came out Sunday, and the Tri-Cities swept all the big awards.

In the 4A ranks, Chiawana's Jordan Downing and Richland's Jake McKinney split the MVP. McKinney was a unanimous choice at running back, while Downing was first-team running back and unanimous at linebacker.

Chiawana's Nick Vincent was named the defensive player of the year and shared lineman of the year with Richland's Joey White.

Riverhawks quarterback Luc Graff was named offensive player of the year, and his dad, Steve Graff, is coach of the year.

Kamiakin dominated the 3A selections, though the one that got away was MVP, which went to Kennewick quarterback and defensive back Drew Loftus.

Tim White was named offensive player of the year for the Braves, and teammate Tanner Meier collected lineman of the year.

Kamiakin shared two awards: Jon Allen the defensive player of the year award with Eastmont's Ryan Pierce, and Scott Biglin the coach of the year with Eastmont's Doug McGill.

Class 4A

First team


OL -- Nick Vincent, sr., Chiawana(u); Pat Sullivan, sr., Chiawana(u); Joey White, sr., Richland(u); Brady Simpson, sr., Richland; Alec Martin, sr., Wenatchee; Sebastian Hunt, sr., Davis. TE -- Brett Adamson, sr., Chiawana. WR -- Miquiyah Zamora, jr., Chiawana(u); Cooper Kupp, jr., Davis(u); Moe Handcox, jr., Walla Walla. QB -- Luc Graff, sr., Chiawana(u). RB -- Jake McKinney, sr., Richland(u); Jordan Downing, jr., Chiawana. AP -- Miquiyah Zamora, jr., Chiawana. K -- Angel Guerra, sr., Wenatchee(u). Return -- Miquiyah Zamora, jr., Chiawana(u).


DL -- Pat Sullivan, sr., Chiawana(u); Kennan Carrato, sr., Richland(u); Nick Mackey, sr., Chiawana; Joey White, sr., Richland. LB -- Jordan Downing, jr., Chiawana(u); Nick Vincent, sr., Chiawana(u); Joel Teats, sr., Richland(u); Grant Gallinger, sr., Richland. DB -- Brett Adamson, sr., Chiawana(u); Miquiyah Zamora, jr., Chiawana(u); Matt Franz, sr., Moses Lake(u); Gage Reynolds, sr., Richland.

MVP -- Jordan Downing, Chiawana, and Jake McKinney, Richland.

Offensive linemen of the year -- Nick Vincent, Chiawana, and Joey White, Richland.

Offensive POY -- Luc Graff.

Defensive POY -- Nick Vincent.

Coach of the year -- Steve Graff.

Second team


OL -- Cam Dahl, sr., Chiawana; Zack Bliss, sr., Richland; Dennis Christensen, jr., Rihcland; Gates Michel, jr., Chiawana; Christian Castillo, sr., Chiawana; Abel Soto, sr., Eisenhower. TE -- Jarrod Turner, sr., Richland. WR -- Matt Franz, sr., Moses Lake; C.J. Edrington, jr., Chiawana; Jared Jaeger, sr., Wenatchee. QB -- Deion Wright, jr., Davis. RB -- Trevon Harris, sr., Eisenhower; Austin Wagner, jr., Davis. AP -- Jake McKinney, sr., Richland. K -- Kevin Garza, so., Richland. Return -- Cameron Law, so., Moses Lake.


DL -- Sebastian Hunt, sr., Davis; Kabe Fluaitt, sr, Moses Lake; Gates Michel, Chiawana; Dustin Martin, sr, Eisenhower. LB -- Josh Whie Elk, sr., Davis; Noah Fenhaus, sr., Wenatchee; Andrew Higgins, sr., Chiawana; Sawyer Powell, sr., Richland. DB -- Cooper Helm, sr., Wenatchee; Moe Handcox, jr., Walla Walla; Keaton Smith, sr., Wenatchee; Joe Walker, sr., Chiawana. P -- Nick Rodriguez, sr., Davis.

Class 3A

First team


OL -- Jesse Holm, sr., Eastmont(u); Tanner Meier, sr., Kamiakin(u); Tyler Morphin, sr., Kennewick(u); Adam Peters, sr., Sunnyside(u); Nolan Haehl, sr., Eastmont. WR -- Darren Spaeth, sr., Eastmont(u); Tim White, sr., Kamiakin(u); Brandon Search, sr., Pasco; Tyler Holle, sr., Kamiakin. QB -- Joey Jansen, sr., Kamiakin. RB -- Gerrick Andrews, sr., West Valley(u); Steven Monterrey, jr., Sunnyside; Dallin Palmer, sr., Southridge. AP -- Drew Loftus, sr., Kennewick. K -- Garrett Bowe, sr., Kamiakin(u). Return -- Tim White, sr., Kamiakin(u).


DL -- Noaln Haehl, sr., Eastmont(u); Jon Allen, sr., Kamiakin(u); Adam Peters, sr., Sunnyside; Tyler Morphin, sr., Kennewick. LB -- Drew Oord, jr., Kamiakin(u); Zach Umemoto, jr., Kamiakin(u); Berlie Walker, jr., Eastmont; Cody Rush, sr., Pasco. DB -- Ryan Pierce, sr., Eastmont(u); Drew Loftus, sr., Kennewick(u); Tim White, sr., Kamiakin; Shad Fletcher, sr., Kamiakin. P -- Tanner Meier, sr., Kamiakin.

MVP -- Drew Loftus, Kennewick.

Offensive lineman of the year -- Tanner Meier, Kamiakin.

Offensive POY -- Tim White, Kamiakin.

Defensvie POY -- Jon Allen, Kamiakin, and Ryan Pierce, Eastmont.

Coaches of the year -- Scott Biglin, Kamiakin, and Doug McGill, Eastmont.

Second team


OL -- Sean Clausen, jr., Kamiakin; Hector Jimenez, sr., Pasco; Austin Brinkworth, sr., Southridge; Jacob Sauileone, sr., Eastmont; Brandon Callahan, sr., Eastmont. WR -- AJ Henderson, sr., Southridge; AJ Griffiths, sr., Kamiakin; Bodie Simpson, so., Kennewick; Reed Jaspers, sr., Eastmont. QB -- Drew Loftus, sr., Kennewick. RB -- Cameron Wagar, sr., Hanford; Ryan Pierce, sr., Eastmont; Dom Davis, sr., Kamiakin. AP -- Tim White, sr., Kamiakin. Return -- Grant Woods, jr., Kennewick.


DL -- Joe Hunt, jr., Kamiakin; Nick Tidrick, sr., Pasco; Jesse Holm, sr., Eastmont; Tanner Meier, sr., Kamiakin. LB -- Trevor Powers, sr, Kamiakin; Zak Albertin, sr., Kennewick; Edgar Godina, sr., Eastmont; Jay Seabeck, sr., Eastmont. DB -- Cameron Wagar, sr., Hanford; Jon Sider, sr., Southridge; Trea Thomas, so., Eastmont; Trevor Osborn, sr., Eastmont. P -- Darren Spaeth, sr., Eastmont.

(u)--unanimous pick

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