Kennewick man wins $250,000 lottery prize

By the Herald staff October 29, 2010 

Gabriel Sanchez went to work as usual at the recycling center Wednesday morning. Even though he had just found out he had won $250,000 in the Washington Lottery Mega Millions.

"I like my job," said the 39-year-old Kennewick man. "I like my boss, and I like working there."

Sanchez has worked at the center for 20 years. He said he played the lottery once in a while but never really thought he would win. It took a while to believe he had won so much.

"It took a few minutes -- actually all day," he said.

His four kids have had some ideas on how to spend it, he said. But he and his wife, DarCee, will make the decisions.

They are thinking of paying off the house they have lived in for nine years, taking a vacation and wrapping up their bills. Then they'll save what's left.

"You know what they say, 'Save it for a rainy day,' " he said.

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