Students to get Gesa orientation on river trip

October 13, 2010 

The cruise ship Portland Spirit will play host to Gesa Credit Union’s annual 2010-11 high school branch orientation called “Cruise To Success.”

Gesa operates high school branches in all seven public high schools in the Tri-Cities. About 75-100 people from those schools and Gesa will board the Portland Spirit on Monday 10/18 for an evening of credit union orientation and training.

“Gesa Credit Union is a great example of bringing the real life practice of work and community exposure to the classroom through partnerships with local businesses,” said Heidi Wilson, business and marketing teacher at Kamiakin High School in Kennewick.

Rachael Wescott, a junior at Kamiakin who is manager of the Kamiakin Credit Union Branch, said she appreciates the knowledge she’s gained through her work at Gesa.

“I like how I can get teller experience and also stay in my school. This experience is really fun and will give me great career opportunities. I don’t know why anyone would pass up this opportunity,” she said.

This event will serve as an informative orientation for students who run their respective high school credit unions.

“This event is designed to educate the students on Gesa Credit Union’s internal culture and service standards, as well as getting them excited for the school year,” said Christina Brown, Gesa President and CEO.

The Portland Spirit will be providing a two-hour dinner cruise, and Gesa credit union staff will be on-board training the high school branch students.

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