Mid-Columbia irrigation begins to shut off Friday

By John Trumbo, Herald staff writerOctober 13, 2010 

Irrigation water throughout the Tri-Cities and the Mid-Columbia begins to be shut down for the winter starting this week.

Customers of the Columbia Irrigation District and the Benton Irrigation District will see water flows slow and stop on Friday, while most other irrigation districts in Benton and Franklin counties will turn off on Monday and Tuesday.

The Kennewick Irrigation District plans to shut off deliveries Monday, as does the Franklin County Irrigation District.

Tuesday will see the end of flows for the Badger Mountain Irrigation District serving customers in Richland, for the Roza Irrigation District in the Yakima Valley and for the Quincy Irrigation District.

The South Columbia Basin Irrigation District and the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District will have the last water shut-offs Oct. 26.

KID's staff reminded customers that the end of water means the electrical pumps need to be shut off, and water valves and sprinkler systems should be drained or blown clear of water to prevent damage to the lines during the winter.

It will take several days for the water to run out of each district's system, so winterizing should wait until after the last water is gone.

The off-season gives irrigation districts time to do major maintenance on their canal, pump and piping systems.

Keith Martin, manager of the CID, said his district's winter to-do list includes a project between Riek and Haney roads to reshape the canal system and reconfigure the right-of-way for a couple of miles.

That will require moving back some fence lines that have encroached on the district's land over the years.

"There might be some citizen complaints related to that because we need to take back our right -of-way," Martin said.

None of the work to be done will be outside CID's right of way, he noted.

"We've issued all the property owners letters and even offered to remove debris along the fence lines if needed," he said.

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