Mid-Columbia liquor licences, store sales

Compiled by Herald staffApril 18, 2010 

The following are the new, approved and discontinued liquor license applications and state liquor sales sales for Mid-Columbia businesses:

March 2010 New liquor license applications

La Fogata Mexican Grill, 1204 Yakima Valley Highway, Sunnyside; Michele and Rogelio Ledezma; spirits/beer/wine restaurant lounge.

Carmine's Italian Restaurant, 525 W. First Ave., Kennewick; Carmen, Jack and Joyce Aitoro; beer/wine restaurant; add or change of class.

Walla Walla Village Winery, 107 S. Third Ave., Walla Walla; Barbara and Lynn Clark; domestic winery, beer/wine restaurant; add or change of class.

Karne Max grocery, 6408 Wrigley Drive, Pasco; Julio Leal, Avigail and Jorge Sanchez, Maria Sillas; beer/wine grocery store.

Dama Wines, 625 E St., Walla Walla; Tuuri Wines LLC; Dawn and Jack Kammer, Mary Tuuri-Derby; domestic winery.

Sahara Pizza, 4850 Paradise Way, Suite 200, West Richland; Andrew, Colken and William Hoke; beer/wine restaurant.

Rotie Cellars, 31 E. Main St., Suite 216, Walla Walla; Papineau LLC; Sean and Anne Boyd; domestic winery.

Black Heron Spirits, 8011 Keene Road, West Richland; Joel Tefft; craft distillery.

King & I Thai Restaurant, 6030 W. Clearwater Ave., Ste. A, Kennewick; Kaite Hamner and Lincoln Panasy; beer/wine restaurant.

The Winemakers Loft, 3617 Plaza Way, Ste. C., Kennewick; Michael Haddox; domestic winery.

Golden Ridge Cellars, 153 Wheat Ridge Lane, Walla Walla; Cynthia and Michael Rasch; domestic winery.

Mansion Creek Cellars, 1199 Old Milton Hwy, Walla Walla; Jerry and Julie Myrick, Julia and Roger Russell; domestic winery.

Dora's Deli and Mini Mart, 1303 Third Ave. S., Walla Walla; Rubio and Teodora Jimenez; beer/wine grocery store.

Ash Hollow, 1392 W. Pine St., Ste. 2, Walla Walla; Robert and Susan Konen, William and Nancy McCorkle, John Turner; domestic winery.

Sterlings, 1425 W. Pine St., Walla Walla; Jay James, Laura Sterling; beer/wine restaurant.

Othello Bowl, 1312 E. Main St., Othello; Ramiro De Leon, Maria De Leon, snack bar.

Sushiya, 731 Columbia Summit Center, #120, Kennewick; Moon Ha, Dong Hyun LLC, Dong Won, Hyun Kim; spirits, beer, wine restaurant, service bar.

Berny's Tacos, 1633 E. Isaacs Ave., Walla Walla; Bernardo and Silvia Bautista; beer/wine restaurant.

Dama Wines, 625 E St., Walla Walla; Tuuri Wines LLC, Mary A. Tuuri-Derby, Dawn and Jack Kammer; domestic winery.

Approved liquor applications

Bartholomew Winery, 614 W. Wine Country Road, RM2 SP10, Grandview; domestic winery.

Dowsett Family, 315 E. Cessna Ave., Walla Walla; domestic winery.

PS Vineyard Partners, 2980 Gilbert Road #A, Zillah; domestic winery.

Portland Spirit and Columbia Gorge Sternwheel, 435 Clover Island Drive, Kennewick; Interstate common carrier.

Cedergreen Cellars Inc., 114 Grandridge Road, Grandview; domestic winery.

Revelry Vintners, 720 C St., Walla Walla; domestic winery.

Upland Winery, 614 W. Wine Country Road Bay 6-B, Grandview; domestic winery.

Chateau Walla Walla, 175 E. Aeronca Ave. Bldg. 202, Walla Walla; domestic winery.

Airfield Estates Winery, 560 Merlot Drive, Prosser; domestic winery.

Anelare, 46415 E. Badger Road, Benton City; domestic winery.

Kyra Wines, 8029 Andrews St. NE Bldg. 2301, Moses Lake; domestic winery.

3 Rivers Winery, 5641 W. Hwy 12, Walla Walla; domestic winery.

Caprio Cellars, 1102 Dell Ave. #P, Walla Walla; domestic winery.

Carniceria El Primo, 230 N. Elder St., Moses Lake; grocery store.

Masquerade Wine Co., 28719 E. SR224 NE, Benton City; domestic winery.

Griffin's Bakery and Cafe, 101 E. Broadway, Moses Lake; direct shipment receiver.

New York Richie's, 5011 W. Clearwater Ave. Unit A, Kennewick; beer/wine restaurant.

Discontinued licenses

Trash Bar and Eatery, 117 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick; spirits, beer, wine restaurant and lounge.

Safari Restaurant, 616 E. Edison, Sunnyside; spirits, beer, wine, restaurant and lounge.

Manchego Real, 604 Elm St., Grandview; domestic winery.

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Ltd., 230 Grandridge Rd., Grandview; domestic winery.

April 2010 New liquor license applications

Guardia De Los Osos, 616 and 618 9th St., Benton City; Marmac Enterprises LLC, Robert Martof, Olga Y. Martof, Barrie Mackay and Jean Mackay; spirits/beer/wine restaurant lounge.

The Pizza Stone and Pub, 354 Chardonnay Ave. Ste. 5, Prosser; Angela G. Hancock and John L. Hancock; spirits/beer/wine restaurant lounge.

Market @ The Parkway/Richland's Farmers Market, Lee Blvd. and The Parkway; Farmer's Market for beer/wine.

Vaquero's Night Club, 712 N. 20th Ave., Pasco; Maria Olivia Mendoza; nightclub.

Trio Vintners, 102 S. Second Ave., Walla Walla; Mary Denise Slattery and Stephen Gerard Michener; domestic winery.

Singer's Chevron Food Mart, 7 E. Rose St., Walla Walla; Joseph Investments, LLC, Kim Annette Joseph, James Wade Joseph; grocery store, beer/wine.

Approved liquor applications

Columbia Crest, Rt. 221 1 mile north of Paterson, Ste. 1, Paterson; fruit and/or wine distillery alcohol permit.

Raft River Vintners, 1815 Portland Ave. Ste. 1, Walla Walla; domestic winery.

Sun River Vintners, 9312 W. 10th Ave., Kennewick; domestic winery.

Wautoma Wines, 148502 W 245PR, Sunnyside; domestic winery.

Riverhaven Cellars, 7 N. Second Ave., Walla Walla; domestic winery.

Discontinued licenses

428 Wines, 1110 C Street #28, Walla Walla; discontinued.

Washington State Liquor Control Board


Tri-Cities liquor stores had a total gross sales of $1,609,635 for March.

The Pasco stores sold $424,378; Richland $297,517; Columbia Summit Kennewick $395,145; and Highlands Center, Kennewick $492,593.

Statewide total gross sales for March were $68,051,816.

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