Suspects fire on Yakima County sheriff's deputies

By the Herald staff December 21, 2009 

YAKIMA -- The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is looking for information about a vehicle chase that led to shots being fired at a sheriff's deputy near the intersection of 72nd Avenue and Tieton Drive.

The incident took place about 11:30 p.m. Friday when a deputy saw a speeding pickup with its headlights turned off on westbound Tieton Drive near 66th Avenue. He pursued the vehicle, and was fired upon by a passenger. The suspect allegedly fired six shots from a handgun from the pickup, which was cruising without lights at more than 80 mph in dense fog.

The deputy gave up the pursuit near 124th Avenue because of public safety concerns. The deputy was not injured and his patrol car was not struck by the bullets.

The suspects allegedly were running away from a Yakima police officer, who had earlier interrupted the two men trying to load a stolen snow blower on a pickup near 35th Avenue and Tieton Drive. The suspects sped off, triggering a pursuit by the officer. The officer gave up the pursuit in view of public safety after the suspects ran a red light at 40th Avenue.

Heavy fog prevented officers to read the license plate of the pickup, which is described as a late 1980s to early 1990s Ford F150, dark in color.

The officers also were unable to get a description of the suspects.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the Yakima County Sheriff's Office at 509-574-2500.

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