Back to the Feature Part II

October 22, 2009 

When we last left off, I had made a picture of a guy in front of a wall. Granted, it wasn’t just any old wall, but a wall that had been the object of my desire for nearly two years. That wall probably thought it was pretty special, but this town is full of attractive walls. Little did it know that its yellow and purple color scheme also reminded me of the Lakers — a team I would root against in a matchup versus a prison squad of convicted rapists.

At least they’re facing some semblance of justice for what they did.

Last week, another wall I’d been eying for quite some time finally delivered the goods. Located at 10th Avenue and Lewis Street in Pasco, this mural of a tropical scene painted on Panaderia Tecoman Bakery had also been taunting me for almost two years. Its location was a mixed blessing, which I discovered on several campouts during rainy or snowy slow news days.

Directly across the street is a gravel lot that never has anybody in it, which meant I could always hide from the inclement weather in my car, lined up exactly how I wanted to be — a very anal-retentive straight-on look. The downside is that there’s very little foot traffic on that street, but a decent amount of cars will stack up at that stop light, blocking my view of any potential passersby.

It was always somewhat of a gamble to stop there, too. The sparse foot traffic meant that I spent decent chunks of time watching, waiting and listening to the radio and scanner. But I gamble with my time like I gamble with my money — timidly and predictably — so I never spent more than 20 minutes staring at that dirty tease of a wall.

I figured it would happen one of these days and there was no pressing timeliness to worry about.

Lo and behold, after a short 5 to 10 minute wait last Wednesday, a woman walked by in the rain:

Of course she refused to give me her name, instead insisting repeatedly that she “didn’t have time for this,” in an almost frantic Christopher Lloyd-esque manner, but she’s not really recognizable in the photo and I wasn’t about to potentially wait another year to make this photo.

My small gambles had finally paid off, and though this photo will never earn me enough to open my own casino, it still feels pretty good to have successfully completed another return trip to the feature.

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