Ki-Be's Brightman take 3rd in Connell Jamboree

By the Herald staff September 9, 2009 

CONNELL -- Kyle Brightman of Kiona-Benton took third place in the Connell Jamboree, a cross-country meet dominated by Ephrata's boys and girls squads

Connell HS (1.5 miles)


Top 7--Steven Monda (Ephrata) 8:12, Ian Westrope (Eph) 8:17, Kyle Brightman (Kiona-Benton) 8:28, Eduardo Montez (Othello) 8:36, Matt Helsle (Eph) 8:47, Derik Burch (Eph) 8:49, Veny Garza (Con) 8:57.


Winner--Danielle Friend (Eph) 9:11. Locals in top 20--11, Christine Kirkwood (Oth) 11:07; 15, Charlene Lumpkins (KB) 11:31; 18, Tyna Johnson (KB) 12:01; 19, Karina Martinez (Oth) 12:08.

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