Pool Party

July 2, 2009 

Summer. To some, it means barbecues, bikinis and boating, but for us, it means Cool Desert Nights, construction, brush fires, boat races, baseball, the faire and the fair. It's almost too bad there's so much going on this time of year because summertime is stocked with features, ripe for the hunt.

Water is the most common element of these summer features, and it's most commonly paired with kids. Slip 'n' slides, water fights and fountain frolicking all make for fun pics, but they get old, which is why I was so intrigued when sports reporter Ben Reynolds described a pool party he saw on the way into the office on the evening of June 13.

When I arrived, the pool party was as advertised, complete with grown men, a kiddie pool and a guy in a cooler. A lot of their energy was directed toward passing traffic:

But, of course, there was a certain amount of hamming for the camera:

I ended up trying to pick between two shots taken a fraction of a second apart of Nathan McGreevy of Kennewick leaping into the kiddie pool. The runner up has him bracing for impact:

But their low-fi sign is obnoxiously obstructed and everybody else’s faces are turned away.

I settled on the splash:

Although if I would have been more on my toes and caught McGreevy at the height of his jump or been a few steps to the left and had "POO" comically written behind him, that could have easily changed my decision.


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