Where'd my golden light go?

November 13, 2008 

The only thing more scarce than golden hour are my chances to work in the ideal lighting conditions.

Golden hour takes place during the hour after dawn and before dusk, and it's photographically prized because the diffuse warm light can make for some pretty pictures.

Interestingly enough, the majority of my assignments seem to be shot during the worst time of day, when the midday sun creates harsh, unflattering shadows and blinding highlights, both of which lack detail.

This is one of the silver linings in working nights and weekends because midday is almost over by the time I come into the office.

It also means lots and lots of football this time of year. Early in the season, each game was preceded by gorgeous golden light, which I was much more excited for than shooting the game. I must have looked psychotic on and around the field with my head twitching in all directions, fervently hunting for moments bathed in that silky light.

Of course, kickoff time always came after the sun was all but gone, and as the season progressed, the warmth faded in both temperature and light.

Here are my five favorites from the start of the season.


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