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Gary Wolcott's "Mr. Movie" column has appeared in the Tri-City Herald since 1992. The Tri-City native now lives in Portland, Ore., and watches about 250 movies each year. This member of Portland's association of movie critics, Far From Hollywood, believes movies are made to be seen on theater screens and should be seen there and not on television screens. Have a question for Mr. Movie? Click on "Add Comment" below. Mr. Movie has joined Twitter. Follow him here.

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    'Planes: Fire & Rescue' has lots of sparks and no fire

    In the sequel to Disney's high-grossing Planes , Dusty Crophopper is chomping at the bits to defend his title. While on a practice run, Dusty accelerates and his engine misfires and stops. He crashes but lives and starts a fire that almost burns down the airport.

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